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Dogs get hemorrhoids too. Take him to a vet. Sounds like impacted anal glands. Dogs have two glands next to their anus. They must be emptied regularly (during baths, etc.). Your vet can also do this for you. Usually dragging his bottom is a sign of this. Simply emptying those glands should solve the problem. The majority of the time a dog drags it's butt across the capet is that is has worms. I do not reccoment squeezing your dog's anal glands until your dog proves he needs help with it. You will know when your dog has a problem with his anal glands because they will swell. If you do it once for your dog it will lose it's ability to do it on it's own. Only mess with them if you absolutely have to!!! - x1

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โˆ™ 2008-06-15 11:16:49
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Q: How can you stop your dog from rubbing his bum on the carpet?
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How do you squeeze the gland to stop the dog from rubbing it on the floor?

How can I stop our dog to wipe her bum on the carpet or snow. How can I squeeze the gland out from her bum.

What can you used to stop the dog rubbing the bum on ground?

it may have an anal problem check his bum and worm him. if it persists get the vets opinoin

Will rubbing alcohol stain carpet?

well i used rubbing alcohol to help take the odor out of the carpet. My dog decided to potty on the carpet. It helped with the odor. However my carpet looks like it has a big wet stain on it!

Why do Dogs rubbing bum against the pavement?

The dog probably has worms and needs to go to the vet.

How to stop dog peeing on carpet?

train them

How do you stop your house dog from defecating on the carpet?

you take the dog outside take him outside the household.

Why do dogs rub their butt on the carpet?

There are two main reasons why reason number 1 your dog needs to go poop. You see there are certain glands on a dogs butt that pop when a dog poops if they are not poped they can get preety itchy and the dog will try and pop them. Reason number two your dog has worms if you know your dog has this don't worry about him rubbing his butt on your carpet but if he just went poop and he is still itching/ rubbing get him checked on by your local vet. Finally your dog could just be itchy if he only does it for a short period of time and only once and not the next day etc.

What can you do to make a dog stop licking the carpet or bedding or anything he is laying on?

Call Dr. Harry

What kind of rash would cause your dog to whine while rubbing on the carpet and shed badly?

none this just means that your dog is extremely itchy from fleas or dirt and needs a good bath

my dogs eyes are watery & raw & bald around eyes from rubbing on carpet what might be wrong?

It sounds like your poor dog might have an eye infection. Please get your dog to a vet as soon as possible.

How can you stop your dog from pooping on the carpet while you are sleeping?

It would take much proper training, but for now you should just let your dog be outside.

Why does your dog bleed from bum when he jumps up?

My dog doesn't.

How do you stop a dog from licking the carpet?

It depends why it is licking the carpet. It seems to me that the dog may be thristy, and its mouth is very dry, I know it seems weird, but the dog may not have enough saliva in its mouth. I suggest you start giving your dog more water to drink, and there's another option, take it to the vet! this is wrong!

How do you stop my mauture dog from peeing on carpet?

if i was you i would train him if not, try taking an old carpet to the backyard and see if he pee on it. If that does not work take the carpet that he pees on in the backyard and buy a new one. this is brought to you by Abdul Hamid Mina

How can i stop my dog from pooping on my carpet?

You can teach it tricks.If that doesn't work,you'll have to come on here and ask again.Then maybe we will have the answer.

How do you get a dog pee out of carpet?

use a carpet cleaner spray.

Is bum a good name for a dog?

I would say so. I think that it is a perfect name for a pug especially! You would be like, "Hello Bum" "How are you Bum" "Had a good day Bum" "Who's a good bum, who's a good Bum" It is a bit funny as well. My advice, you would be calling your dog over and people would hear you saying Bum a lot of times. They would think you have something wrong with you or you are seriously weird! So my opinion is not to name your dog that!! LOL :]

Why does your dog have a bad bum?

Worms... maybe?

How do you go to the potty?

get a dog to bite your bum

What are the signs that a dog has worms?

it rubs its bum on the floor :)

How do you know if a dog is angry?

bites your postmans bum.

How do you get gloss paint out of carpet?


Why does my dog slide himself on the carpet?

Most of the time they are itching their body using the carpet.

Why does a dog eats carpet?

my dog has picked up a new habbet eating carpet and it has her bound up what should i do and if it keeps happing will it kill her?

Why do dogs sniff other dogs bum?

in greeting of hello to get to know the other dog and bum really nice vocabulary