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Great question! All you have to do is pull up your inventory. Next to the image of your buildabearville character is a dark blue button with a picture on it of a backpack, a bear head and some arrows. If you click on this your furry friend will come out of your back pack and walk around with you freely in buildabearville. I hope this helped you!

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2010-12-28 21:48:18
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Q: How can you take out your furry friend on buildabearville even if it isn't in your cub condo or gym or maxine's condo ect?
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On build a bearvillie can you have a club condo without a furry friend?

No, you can not have a cub condo with out a furry friend, you need at least one furry friend to enter your cub condo.

Does The Mini Furry Friend Not the full size give you a furry friend online code and a cub condo?


Can you get a cub condo in build a bearville?

Yes, you can get a cub condo in Bearville if you purchase a furry friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop and enter the Animal ID and Keycode for your furry friend online.

How do you sell clothes for your pet on Build-a-Bearville?

You can sell items on buildabearville but not furry friend items.

How do you invite someone to your Cub Condo?

If you don't have a furry friend you can't have one but if you do go to the neighborhood and chose to go to your condo.

How do you make your furry friend get out of your backpack on bearville?

You can go to the gym, your cub condo, or your city garden. You need to buy a virtual furry friend so that it can follow you anywhere.

How do you get your furry friend to walk around on build a bear ville?

you can't. unless it's at your condo.

How do you get a club condo on Build-a-Bearville?

to get a condo you have to have a bear from babw and it will give you a exterier, interier and a room for your furry friend!!! you can buy rooms from the lumbear yard.

How do you buy a house on build a bear?

you need to get a furry friend in order to get a cub condo. Sorry. You can get a furry friend at Build a Bear Workshop or order one online at Hope this helped!

Anyone have an old buildabearville account with a furry friend thast they don't want?

yeah i do, email me at i will email it you so no one can get it!

How do you feed your pet on buildabearvillecom?

well go to your cub condo house click on your furry friend then click on the apple

What is the prize on the quest of hearts on builda bearvill?

you can get a furry friend when you go to your cub condo just press your furry friend two times and look at your sounds. hope you love it, my character is taylarallheart1

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