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Make fun of some stuff they say by saying Bye soandso at the bus stops and laugh at things they take seriously. Warning do not do this on boys you like other wise you have no chance with them at all!


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Sometimes boys tease the girls that they like.

boys tease the girls they like because there afraid to act loving to u so they tease you in a funny way.

Because they secretly have a crush on you.

they tease you and stare deeply at you...................

It most likely means they have a crush on them(:

My momma always said that was why...

It's most likely because, that boy likes you, and instead of telling you, he teases you!thats what many people say but to be honest its just what boys do.Guys tease girls because they want to hide that they like them. They poke a girl, call her names, and tease her but really, he does it to hide that he has a crush on that girl.

find out his fear, all boys have one you just have to find it. Tease him about that, but dont go to far remember it's a fear and he may be embarrassed. Or tease him about that ugly girl who obviously has a crush on him..;]

yes they really do they even try to tease you

Boys basically flirt with girls by being nice, smiling at them, or making them laugh. Boys also are crazy around you and tease you all the time

Well there is a good chance that they do that to check them out or possibly tease the girls! Another reason is that the boys like the girls.

I not sure for a fact but this is my reason why i got teased by boys. I got teased by a group of boys they used to call me retarted, so weird and such a creep. But one of the boys in the group who used to tease me actually liked me and the others were his friends so one of the boys who tease you probroly likes you and the others just go along with it. Dont take it seriously it means nothing.

if they keep like play hitting you hugging you take things from you to tease you

ask him questions about his family and at home life or if you already know him playfully tease

A gopherbird is a nonexistant creature created by a couple of silly boys to tease their friend. It is also the main deity of a nonexistent religion, created by the same boys for the same purpose.

It is usually because the boy likes the girl but just doesn't want the girl to know it.

because they are so mean. they be mean to girls. they tease people. they hate stupid and not stupid people.

yes they are but if you are a boy older than 12 or the 5th grade your friends may tease you

They will usually make fun of you or embarrass you then they will always stare at you and eventually they will ask to be there "girl friend"

Tease can be used as a noun or a verb.Noun: He is such a tease.Verb: Please don't tease the dog.

Pull hair, Tease them Hit them, Kiss them, Chase them, Play doctor, Flirt

Piggy was a lot more overweight than the over boys, that's where he got his name from 'piggy' he also wore glasses so the boys teased him about this... and took them off him and broke them so he could no longer see.

it is the same as the past tense. Past tense: teased ( i had been teased) Present tense: tease, to tease Future tense: tease ( i will be teased) However, for uses on other people it is just tease e.g. I will tease you He will tease her

Tease is a monosyllable.

Tease is the future tense, I am going to tease Sally at school tomorrow.

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