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If you don't know you like a guy, it means that you just don't like him or you just friends. If you like him you should know.

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Q: How can you tell a guy you dont know you like him?
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How do you tell a guy that dont know. you that you like them?

dont tell him u lyk him first. u have to get to know him before u tell him otherwise he will be freaked out...

This one guy is in love with you but you dont know what to say what do you do?

if you like him, tell him, if you don't like him, especially tell him!

How do you know when to tell a guy that you like him?

You dont you just have to trust yourself. When you are ready it is time

Will a guy who likes you know the guy you like's feelings towards you?

Not unless you tell him. Men dont read minds.

I REAlly like this guy but dont know how to tell him please help?

Just talk to him. Or get one of your friends to tell him.

You are a guy and you like your friend who is also a guy how do you tell him but you dont know if he is gay how do you find out and then proceed to tell him you like him sexually?

My suggestion is to find out if he is gay first. Then get the courage to get to know him and things will follow.

If you tell a guy you like him and he just says okay what do you do?

the same thing happen to me but i dont know what to think.....

What do you do if you like him but he likes other girls not you?

well what you need to do is just come out and tell him how you feel about him. How can a guy now you like him if you dont him. see im a guy, some us just want to know, but its a little hard if you dont tell him.

How do you tell a guy you like him at a party?

just say to him , I have a secret, i like someone , but if i tell you will you be mad? if he says yes dont tell him its you , if he says no then you know he wont care

What do you do if you like a guy and tell him so and then stop liking him?

tell him you dont like him anymore

Does the guy you like like you back?

If a guy likes you he will tell you dont wait around for him to finally realize how great you are go for the guy you know likes you hes the real keeper. especially if hes bold enough to tell you.

Is watching the show The Vampire Diaries gay for a guy?

no its not if you realy like vampires its up to you. but if you dont want anyboby to know dont tell them

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