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You cannot always tell. Sometimes the fertilised eggs implant very close together and it looks like one placenta. If the babies are in separate sacs there is probably no need to worry. Your doctor should be able to tell you.

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Q: How can you tell from an ultrasound if twins are sharing a placenta?
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How can i tell if i have twins?

Get an ultrasound.

How could you tell if am having twins?

An Ultrasound would let you know if you have twins or not. Otherwise it would be hard to tell.

I'm pregnant with twins. How do I know if I'm having identical or fraternal twins?

The ultrasound can determine if they are fraternal or identical. If they are identical then they will share a placenta and they may even share an amniotic sac. If they are fraternal they will have separate placentas. Sometimes it is difficult to see because of the membrane but the ultrasound is sophisticated and they normally can tell.

How soon can you tell you're having twins?

At the first ultrasound

How can you tell if you are having twins?

When the doctor see it on the ultrasound and detect 2 heartbeats.

If my grandma on my mom's side had twins what are the chances that i will have twins?

You might. The person doing the ultrasound will be able to tell you You have a high chance of having twins. However, twins can skip 2 - 3 generations.

What is a level 4 placenta?

It is code for the position of the placenta in the womb. A placenta across the opening of the uterus and the baby is on top will need a cesearean section. a ultrasound will tell the doctor the positioning and will assist him/her in planning your delivery. good luck joymaker rn

How can you tell if a cow is pregnant with twins?

Rectal palpation or ultrasound. Those are the only ways to really tell if she's got twins, triplets, quadruplets, or just one big calf.

When do you know its twins?

as soon as you can hear the heartbeat, sometimes they beat in sync tho so you cant tell until the ultrasound...If you suspect twins tell your dr. and ask for an early ultrasound, although they may already have an idea because of HCG levels on blood pregnancy test

In which week you know about pregnanca having twince?

It is possible for the doctor to tell when they do the first ultrasound, at about 10 weeks. However, twins can be tricky and some will hide behind the other. In general though, you can tell at about 10 weeks with the first ultrasound.

How soon can a ultrasound tell if your pregnant?

You can tell you are pregnant through ultrasound as early as 4 weeks with a vaginal ultrasound.

How many weeks does it to take for you to be able to tell if yu are having twins?

they should be able to tell right away but sometimes the twin is hidden behind the other one.They can tell right then and there if they give you an internal ultrasound but sometimes the regular ultrasound dont get all the way around the uterus so the twin could be hidden.

How likely is it that you are carrying twins?

Hello, It may be, Do you have relations that have twins? Or maybe your Partner may have twins in their Families. Its generally a possibility that one of your families has twins somewhere in the line. You need to go to a doctor who will organize for you to get a ultrasound test done. that will tell you the situation. The girl next door had twins a couple of years ago. Good Luck.

How soon can you tell if having twins?

A multiple pregnancy can be confirmed by ultrasound as early as 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. Two sacs will be present.

How can you tell the difference between fraternal and identical twins?

Identical twins would look the same, fraternal twins could be of different sexes. In the womb, you can easily tell the difference between fraternal and identical twins because if the twins are identical, they will share the same sac. Fraternal twins will have different sacs. You can see this in the ultrasound. After birth, it is often very difficult to tell the difference between the two types of twins because babies often look alike particularly when they are siblings even if they aren't identical genetically. If the twins are fraternal it usually gets easier to tell the difference as they get because they tend to look quite different as they age. Fraternal twins are only siblings while identical twins are genetically identical.

How do you know if you are pregnant with a boy or a girl?

An ultrasound or an amniocentesis.They can usually tell what gender it is when they give you the ultrasound.Enough of the body has developed after 7 months or so that an ultrasound can pick it up and tell you.

How can you tell if you have had a miscarriage?

Have your doctor do an ultrasound.

How can you tell if you are carring twins before you get the ultrasound done?

If your Hcg hormone level is high it is a sign, although not a definite confirmation that you may be carrying multiples. Home pregnancy tests would respond to this hormone in your urine quicker if you were carrying multiples than if you were not. At the end of the day, aside from an ultrasound there is really no way to tell with certainty. Good luck.

When can you tell a gender of baby?

1. Ultrasound is used in sonography- looking at human babies in the mother's womb. Ultrasound can be used to work out how old the baby is, determine its location, find the location of the placenta, and determine the sex of the baby (male or female), check for heartbeat, check for normal fetal growth and check for any abnormalities.

How can you tell if you are having a boy or a girl?

The only way to tell is to get an ultrasound.

How can you tell if your baby is a boy or a girl?

An ultrasound.

What sounds can they measure listen to when doing a transvaginal ultrasound and tell you you are not pregnant?

The sounds they measure and listen to when doing a transvaginal ultrasound and tell you you are not pregnant are ultrasounds.

How can you tell if you are have a girl or a boy when your pregnant?

Ultrasound. You can not tell just by looking at your belly.

What year was the ultrasound invented?

I dont know when the Ultrasound was invented so if anybody knows please tell me lol :)

How do you tell if your preagnant?

urine pregnancy testing ultrasound