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Just look her in the eye and tell her u luv her more than anything in the world and she is beautiful hope this helps :)

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What say when a girl says aww?

Tell her shes beautiful , and shes the most amazing girl you met

Things to say to make a girl fall in love with you?

Tell her what she really means to you. Tell her shes beautiful. Tell her your not fake. Tell her shes the best thing that's ever happend to you.

How do you satisfy a girl the most?

kiss her and tell her shes beautiful. look into her eyes and tell her you love her

What to do with girlfriend on daily basis?

tell her you love her tell her she is beautiful call her tell her shes amazing just the way she is

How To say a girl she looks beautiful?

look her in the eyes and tell her shes hot

How do you prove to a girl that shes beautiful?

Give her a mirror and hold it up to her and tell her EVERYTHING is perfect about her. Another good line is tell her shes gorgeous. HOPE THIS HELPS!

What should you say to a girl that asks you what you like about her?

Tell her these things as long as theyre true: Shes pretty shes nice shes generous shes popular shes smart she has nice hair she has beautiful eyes

What do they say to girls they like?

Tell her shes beautiful and that when she laughs and smiles it makes you happy to her that way.

What to say when a girl asks why do you like me?

tell her shes beautiful. then tell her that every time she smiles and laughs it puts a smile on your face to her happy. also tell her that you like everything about her, her smile, her laugh, when shes angry, when shes sad, when shes hard working, and when she crys. and tell her things she doesn't notice about herself. girls dont reallly notice things about themselves (trust me, im a girl). then tell her you love her.

How do you deal with a girl wanting to be pretty?

Tell her that shes already beautiful and that she doesnt need to change anything about herself.

Is maddi Jane is beautiful?

yes she is beautiful because shes my cousin

Do you think Bella Swan is pretty?

shes drop dead gorgeous shes beautiful

What do you talk about with the girl you like?

talk about her and TO her. make eye contact but don't stare stare. look normal. tell her what u like about her her. COMPLIMENT her. tell her her eyes are pretty. hair hair is smooth and shiny. shes beautiful. shes smart. girls like that.

Who Is Aloni Evans?

Shes a beautiful Lady !

My girlfriend thinks shes fat and ugly even though shes not. What do you girls out there like to hear that makes you feel beautiful and or loved?

Well, I know that I would want to hear it from someone I love. I would tell her that she is beautiful just the way she is and that she's not fat. That should help.

Who has Meghan Jette Martin dated?

none has because shes not huge famous shes beautiful

Is tayler swift a weirdo?

Your spell wrong its Taylor not tayler but shes not a weirdo shes beautiful

Is Carrie Colley Beautiful?

Nawh Shes Gooorrgeouus.

Does Kacey Muscraves smoke?

shes to beautiful to smoke

Is Victoria Justice pretty?

wel shes beautiful but maybe a bit too skinny she could eat a bit more but right now shes still beautiful

What to tell your girlfriend to make her happy?

You can tell her shes beautiful, that she looks good(even when she dosent) you can pick her a flower you dont even have to buy it just pick it out of somewhere and give it to her. you can tell her you love her. make her feel safe.

How do you tell a girl you like her and you are eleven years old?

depends how much older she is then you.. or is shes younger. if shes older, tell her you may be young, but if shes willing to talk to you, you are mature enough to handle that age group. if shes younger, tell her you can protect her;)

Does Demi Lovato think shes beautiful?

Yes. Everyone should think they are beautiful no matter what.

Who sings she dont know shes beautiful?

Sammy Kershaw

Is justin biebers mom cute?

Shes not cute. But she is beautiful.

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