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you can tell when he stops paying attention 2 you or other chicks ask him ot and he starts to not talk to u as much Or sometimes you dont even no anything is wrong then BAM you get hit right in the face w a break up! TRUST me it hurts to get slammed in the face w a break up also they might forget your b day and or ignore u and stare at other chicks or just he breaks up w you

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Why does a guy tell you he likes you if hes going out with someone about to break up with him?

Maybe the guy knows the person hes going out with is going 2 break up with him and so wants 2 go out with u when they break up.

What is a good reason to tell your boyfriend not to break up with you?

Tell him you have alot of money so he wont break up with you. Tell him your pregnant. Tell him hes the one.. Tell him you'll change.. Tell him that hes never gonna find anyone else like you. Tell him your IN LOVE WITH HIM

How do you go out with your ex while hes going out with another girl he doesnt even talk to or even look at her?

1. You don't do that. that's a big no-no. tell him to break up her then.

What should you do if my mate tells you that his going to kill him self?

tell him to wake up lol hes just stupid if hes gonna do that.

How do you tell if this girl going to break up with her boyfriend?

There are no proper signs of a girl whether she is going to break up or not. But certainly there are various things that tell that. It might be the case that she flirts a lot.

Do your boyfriend loves you?

ask him dont be afraid tell him to tell you the truth or else your going to break up with him

When a man ignores you when hes with his friends?

I would speak up and tell him to talk to you. If he's embarrassed to be around you when he's with his friends then you should break up!

How do you know when a guy Is going to ejaculate?

If hes reliable he will tell you, or you amAY feel his dick move UP and DOWN not in and out.

What to do if girlfriend always wants to be negative?

This is what you do... you tell her that if she is not going to change then you are going to break up with her and I guarantee that if she love you then she will change

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants a break for a couple of days?

It means hes is going to go have u know what with a proly younger & hotter girl so break up with him

Why does ex contact you after break up?

maybe he / she still has feelings for you, still interested in you, or hes / shes just curious of how lifes going for you after your breakup.

How do i tell my boyfriend he isn't big enough for me in bed?

Two things you can do, 1. just break up with him and don't tell him or 2. tell him and break up with him. Obviously you are not happy with him so why even stay with him if your just going to hurt him.

How do you break up with a cheating boyfriend?

Just break up with him hun. Hes not worth the time if he doesnt see what he has.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is mad at you or is going to break up with you?

Answer he tells your friends he will break up with you or when he talks to u says short stuff like hows it goin?

How do you break up with your friend?

To break up with your friend follow this. Just tell him the reason for your this doing. Then do not talk to him in future.

What do you do if your boyfriend is very attached?

If you enjoy that sort of thing than let it be. if not tell him hes being too clingy and if it continues youll break up with him

What is one way that you can tell if your boyfriend truly likes you and won't ever break up with you?

if hes not afraid to be with you around his friends and still say he loves you

You found out your boyfriend is going to break up with you how do you break up with him first?

usually hell say that he needs to tell you something and when he says that say that you want to say something first then you tell him that its not workimg out or whatever your excuse

Zac and vanessa break up?

Yes, they did just recently. I heard that hes now going out with Taylor Swift! Vanessa still suits him more.

Are one direction going tobreak up?

Every band break up, so one direction. They will break up when the members are 80 years old.

I asked my boyfriend if when hes not with me if he tells other girls they are hot and he said yes well when i ask him why he doesnt tell me i am and after i explained to him he told me i was help?

Break up with him.

Should you break up with him if hes still in love?

no...try to work it out

How do you tell a guy you want to break up?

tell him that you want to break up. honesty works best.

How do you tell a guy you think hes hot?

just go up to him or tell a friend to tell him for you

I reli like this girl kelly and im starting to talk to her today i told my friend and now hes going to tell kellys friend that i like the kelly what should i do he said hes gona try to hook us up?

MORE DETAILSmy friend sed hes going to tell kellys friend so he can make kellys friend and him to try to hook us up wat should i do do i stop him or should i go on with this