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In English: A house, the house, houses, the houses.

Norwegian declination of neuter nouns: Et ~, det ~et, ~, de ~ene Giving (as house is "hus" in Norwegian, and that is a neuter noun): Et hus, det huset, hus, de husene. I hope this helps!

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Q: How can you tell if Norwegian nouns are neuter?
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Can you give me examples of neutral nouns?

A word for a thing that has no gender is a neuter noun.Examples of neuter nouns are:anchorballchairdiamondeducationfudgegraniteharpislandjokekneelunchmoneynotebookorangeplasticquestionrestaurantstartroubleunguentvegetablewaterxenonyearzoo

What are the examples of neuter gender?

A neuter gender word is a noun or a pronoun for something that has no gender.The neuter pronouns are it (singular), they(subjective plural) and them (objective plural).Some examples of neuter nouns are:actionballooncaredooredgefistgashopeicejuicekneelovemountainnatureovalpointquietrazorsporttableunguentvaluewaterx-rayyellowzoo

What is the neuter noun for king and queen?

A neuter noun is a word for something that has no gender.Examples of neuter nouns related to king or queen are realm, country, nation, or empire.The nouns king and queen are gender specific nouns. The nouns sovereign or monarch are common gender nouns, words for people of either gender.

What do you mean by nutar nouns?

I don't know of the word "nutar," but "neuter," pronounced the same, refers in some languages to a gender category: "neither masculine nor feminine." Remember, there is no real grammatical gender among nouns in English. There are masculine (he,him,his), feminine (she,her,hers) and neuter (it,its) pronouns. The masculine and feminine agree with nouns indicating, respectively, male or female animate beings. Neuter pronouns agree with inanimate nouns. You can call those nouns neuter if you like, but, apart from pronoun agreement, the category has practically no significance. Not all nouns with neuter pronoun agreement should be called neuter. Names of animate nouns of indeterminate sex - cat, dog - are not neuter, but can take a neuter pronoun, (or a masc. or fem. if you happen to know the sex of your particular cat or dog.

What neuter nouns mean?

Neuter nouns are words for things that have no gender, things like rock, oxygen, sky, knowledge, letter, mountain, toast, and hamburger.

What is a noun that refers to objects with no sex?

A neuter noun is a word for something that has no gender.Examples of neuter nouns are:algebraautomobilecomputercandleeducationempireletterlunchSeptemberskyyearyellow

Give you example of gender of noun?

Examples of nouns for a male:boyfatherkingunclestallionroosterExamples of nouns for a female: sistermotherqueenniecemarehenExamples of common gender nouns: accountantparentneighborrelativehorsepoultryExamples of neuter nouns: addressboatchairdreameducationfudge

What are the genders of nouns give examples?

In many languages, nouns are categorized by gender (masculine, feminine, neuter). For example, in Spanish, "la mesa" (the table) is feminine, "el libro" (the book) is masculine, and "el agua" (the water) is neuter. In German, "der Tisch" (the table) is masculine, "die TΓΌr" (the door) is feminine, and "das Haus" (the house) is neuter.

What is the gender of 'tree'?

All English nouns are of common gender.

What is napusakaling in marathi grammar?

In Marathi grammar, "napusakaling" refers to neuter gender nouns. These nouns do not have a specific gender like masculine or feminine, and they often end in a special suffix "-a" or "-e".

What is bridge masculine gender?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for a male or a female; common gender nouns that are words for a male or a female; and neuter gender nouns for things having no gender. The noun bridge is a neuter noun.

What is the German word for an?

Depending on gender, the basic translation of anis ein (masculine and neuter nouns)or eine (feminine nouns).