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First the Iroc is just an upgrade to the z28 package. Second open the glove box in the center console. You should see a white sticker with a bunch of three digit codes. If you find the code B4Z Then it's an Iroc. If not then it's just a z. Also they put more tpi 305's and 350's in the irocz's than the Z28 but they did put the tpi in plenty of Z's regardless. So that isn't really any indication. Check the vin number Then look up the letters and what they mean in the number All Z-28's are NOT IROC's. Run the vin, few z-28 had t.i.p. tuned port injection (305 moter only) and evein less iroc's with it (350 moter) so if u got tpi its most likely its just z28 but if u got 350 w tpi then its most likely an iroc

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โˆ™ 2008-07-05 07:31:08
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Q: How can you tell if a camaro is a true iroc-z the car has z28 emblems but the one on the glove box says tune port injection under the z28 logo instead of iroc-z there are no iroc-z emblems?
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