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Q: How can you tell if a continental dollar is real?
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How can you tell if my 1795 silver dollar is real?

you can tell it's real by the silver. If its real silver it is real. Get it?? I hope that helped you.

How can you tell if a silver dollar is real?

it is real but there is only about 3 left

What is the value of a continental currency 1776 pewter dollar?

Real coins have values from $7,500.00 to $125,00.00 depending on grade

How do you tell if you have a fake 5 dollar bill?

You Look At The Dollar I Thje Light And check If Theres An Owl

How can you tell if a million dollar is real?

if you are talking about just one bill it is not but if it is in hundreds thousands it is a tru million dollar

How do you tell real silver?

I wsnt sell silver dollar 1804 year.

How do you tell if a 1977 dollar bill is real?

Take it to a store and spend it.... Or take it to a bank

What does a genuine 1776 continental currency coin look like?

Authentic examples of the 1776 Continental Currency dollar are very rare, 7 different varieties are known. To find a picture of a real one, use the search box on your browser and type in 1776 Continental Dollar and click on images. This should bring up pictures of authentic examples.

What is US Continental?

It is a reference to the early US currency called the Continental Dollar.

How do you tell if a 1795 silver dollar is real?

Take it to a local coin collector and see what he or she says.

How do you tell a counterfeit from real silver dollar?

Not many fake coins are made from real silver or gold. Take it to a jeweler to be tested, most will do this for you.

How do you tell if a million dollar bill is fake or real?

The fact that you are holding it indicates it is fake. There is no such thing as a million dollar bill and one has never been printed.