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Authentic examples of the 1776 Continental Currency dollar are very rare, 7 different varieties are known. To find a picture of a real one, use the search box on your browser and type in 1776 Continental Dollar and click on images. This should bring up pictures of authentic examples.

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Q: What does a genuine 1776 continental currency coin look like?
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Can a continental currency coin say copy on the side of the coin?

No, a genuine Continental currency coin would not have the word "copy" on it. If a coin has "copy" marked on it, it is likely a replica or counterfeit coin. Authentic Continental currency coins were issued during the American Revolution and did not include such markings.

What was the 1776 continental currency coin made of?

Some continental coins were made of pewter, others of bronze or silver. The 1776 "continental currency" (dollar) is one of the rarest US coins and many were made from pewter, consequently suffering from corrosion of the tin.

What is the value of a continental currency coin from 1776 a copy?

No set values for replicas exist, it's worth what you can get.

Why is there no answer for the weight of the 1776 continental currency coin?

Weight: 15.03-18.51 grams, it varies.

What is a continental currency 1776 coin worth?

8-13-11>>> Authentic examples of the 1776 Continental Currency dollar are very rare, 7 different varieties are known. Values start at $10,000.00 and go over $100,000.00 and more depending on type and grade.NOTE: Many replicas, copy's and counterfeits exist.

If there is a mold seam on the side of 1776 Continental Currency coin is it fake?

The originals and official restrikes were all struck, not cast or molded. But be nice. Call it a reproduction, not a fake.

What does it mean the word Becker written on side of a continental currency coin?

what does becker on continental coin mean

How much in a continental currency 1776 coin worth?

Here is what the Red Book, the definitive US coin catalog, says about your coin: worn: $7,000 US dollars catalog value average circulated: $21,000 well preserved: $50,000 and more

How do you notice the fake fugio coin of 1776?

All genuine "Fugio Coppers" are date 1787 not 1776, so the date on your coin is wrong or it's not a Fugio cent.

How can you determine if a pewter 1776 continental currency coin is not a fake?

The coin has to say Continental Currency on the front with the 1776 date, sometimes they miss spell it and it says continental Curency. It should also have a sun and a sundial with the word Fugio to the left of it. On the back there are 13 circles representing the 13 colonies. Each circle should look like they intertwine with each other, and the circle in the center should say we are one. the ring around the center should say american Congress. Little bumps should Surround the edges on both sides. Hope its real! :)

How do you find out if your 1776 continental currency coin is real?

The easiest way when dealing with early American coinage is to take it to a coin dealer. These coins are hard to evaluate until you hold them in your hand. Since many of these coins were abused, buried or otherwise damaged and since the production methods were primitive by today's standards, its really hard to describe what makes a coin genuine or not. The first thing I'd do though is search for any indication that "COPY" or "REPLICA" (or sometimes "R" or "C" ) is stamped on the coin, if you have one of these on your coin, you can know for sure it is a fake.

What is the value of 1776 continental dollars?

IF genuine, most of the coins are worth a price between $100 and $125 each. The exact amount they are valued at will depend upon their condition. However there are many replicas so it's important to have your coin checked by an expert.