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You can never really tell for sure but when you are dealing with a typical girl, it's actually quite simple.

  • She will probably be biting her lip.
  • She will have her face close to yours.
  • She will be looking into your eyes as much as possible.
  • She will try to be alone with you, without interruptions.
  • She will act nervous, and occasionally hold her breath too long.
  • She will blush when you move your face toward hers.

She'll stare into your eyes occasionally looking at your lips, then if you don't make a move she will, or just back off...depending on the girl.

If a girl wants to kiss you, she will either lean toward you, glance at your lips every now and then, or always make up excuses to be near you.

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How can tell when a girl wants to kiss you?

She will tell you she loves you.

How can you tell a girl wants you to kiss her?

When she stares at you lips just go for it . (:

What is the song Justin Bieber wants to hear when he gets his first kiss by a girl?

kiss and tell :D

How do you tell if a girl is ready to kiss you?

Depends on the girl, and how old you are, and how long you've been dating. The best answer is that she is "ready" to kiss you, when she wants to kiss you. And to find out that you could always ask her...

If a guy wants to give a girl a kiss does that means he has feelings for her even when they are not dating?

It means he wants to give her a kiss. We cannot tell you what is in someone else's mind.

How do you know if your girl friend wants a kiss?

if she is looking at you allot and you feel like she wants a kiss and it looks like the right moment then tell here that a beautiful girl like you dissevers a big kiss and she just might go with it

Should you ask a girl if you should kiss her before you do?

You can. It is polite and shows respect. Sometimes you can just tell she wants a kiss.

What do you do if a girl wants to kiss you in her room?

kiss her man! kiss her!

If you are a girl and you want another girl to kiss you how do you get her to kiss you?

Make sure she wants to kiss you too. Then kiss her.

When should you kiss a girl?

You should kiss her when she wants to kiss.Let her know you want to kiss, but don't tell her"I want to kiss". Use your brain to let her knw you want to kiss, withoutsaying I wan to kiss.

What does it mean when a guy wants a girl to kiss him?

it means exactly what it means he wants you to kiss him

How do you know a girl wants to kiss in the lips?

you know by the girl looking you in the eyes and licking her lips that means she wants to kiss you

How do you tell if your bf wants to kiss you?

If he leans in close to you, then he most likely wants to kiss you.

What do if she wants to kiss?

If a girl is offering you a form of affection, do what feels comfortable. If you are not ready, tell her. If you are, go for it and enjoy.

How can you tell if she wants to kiss you?

ask her

How can you tell by his body language if he wants 2 kiss you at the movies?

you can tell if he wants to kiss you when u see him moving closer and closer to you

If a girl doesnt like to be kissed what do you do when you kiss her?

If a girl doesn't like to be kissed then you don't kiss her. If she wants to kiss you she will.

When girl kiss a guy on the cheek means what?

it means that the girl has a crush on you and wants to kiss you<3

When do you a kiss a girl?

when ever you know she wants to kiss you @ the end of a date

How do you know if it is the right time to kiss a girl?

when she wants to kiss you 2

How can you say to girl to kiss you lip?

just ask the girl if she wants to kiss you and then kiss her. if she pushes away dont push her.

How do you get a girl to kiss you in 5th grade?

Go somehwere the teachers can't see and kiss her! make sure she wants to kiss you first. then tell her she is beautiful. get your face close to hers and it will happen.

How do you know when a girl wants to kiss me and im a girl?

Well If you want to kiss a girl you are bi-sexual, lesbian, or just curious. If a girl wants to kiss you and you are a girl then she will use physical contact, and make a 'move' on you. If you want to, kiss back. I personaly wouldn't because I am not gay. Sorry.

Im 13 and i just asked out a girl but how do i know when she wants to kiss?

If you are 13 and just started dating girl, use your instinct to see how you get along and that will tell you when she is ready to kiss. Most girls will kiss on the first or second date.

Does girl wants a boy kiss her?