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This can be a hard one to figure out, so the best thing to do is make it more personal by going out for coffee and then get the courage to ask if he'd like to go to a movie. Take it slow and easy and let nature take it's course. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you tell if a guy likes you and is not just being friendly?
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If a guy texts you first a few times how can you tell if he likes you or is just being friendly?

Read the text, if you are flirting then he likes you. Send a text to him that make him respond to you, then you could tell if he likes you. Like text to him 'wanna hang out' or something.

You like a girl but you dont know if she likes you?

Girls are hard to read! Sometimes you can't tell if she likes you or is being friendly haha. Maybe just ask her if she's interested in anyone?

How do you get a guy to tell you if he likes you?

you can get a guy to tell you if he likes you by just being yourself or just coming out and asking him, "hey do you like me?" what do you have to loose?

How can you tell if a guy is just being friendly or actually likes you?

By the expression they either have on their face or by the way they talk to you. Also if they like you they look at you constantly or are nervous around you.

How can you tell if a guy likes you or if he just has a friendly nature?

It's very simple. If you really like him ask him out. Good luck!

What does it mean when a girl always just says hi and walks away and does not ask any questions?

It could just mean that she's being friendly. Or, she likes you, but she is nervous to tell you, because she thinks you won't like her back.

Can you tell if he likes you by his hugs?

Not really physically, but you can by his expression/ dialogue. If a guy you're friends with laughs and says "Hug!" or something, he's probably just being friendly, or joking. However, if he genuinely HUGS you, for no obvious friendly reason, then it could mean he's in to you.

When a guy puts you love them in your yearbook what's it mean?

Well it depends: if he always tells you that he loves you then he is just being friendly if he doesn't tell you often or hasn't told you it means that he likes or really cares about/for you

Does a girl like you if she tells you you can tell her anything?

Well, if she said it in a friendly tone then no just as a friend. BUT, But, but if she said it saucily then she likes you alot.

How can you tell if he likes you or is just using you?

If you have to ask the question you are probably being used. If you are not convinced that he actually likes you, what are you doing with him at all?

Does a boy likes you?

you could tell that a boy likes you when he makes you laugh being rude or just starring at you all the time!

How do you tell if a guy is just being friendly or actually likes you?

A guy that is friendly will just treat you like in a down way but a guy that actually likes you he will tell you or he may call you, text message you and even in school he will walk you to class..He may go to your house and talk to you and he will just talk about you that you are beautiful and things like that you know sweet things about you that you may like about him :) .Oh lol almost forgot a guy that actually like you he will like you the way you are and that the way it goes....

How to tell if you likes you more than just friends?

If he/she likes you more than just a friend see if get those moments when your just looking at each other in the middle of a friendly conversation ask him/she some questions see there respond.

What does it mean if a girl you know not really talk to much or hang out with but are still on a friendly scale gives you her number in a yearbook and how can you tell if its not just as a friend?

It means that she wants you to call her. When you do just ask questions about her and be focused on the things she likes to do. You should be able to tell if she likes you just by talking to her on the phone.

If a guy smiles at you does that mean he's being friendly?

It could really mean nothing just being friendly to him liking what he sees and being interested, could even be perverted - it really is hard to tell.

How can you tell a guy likes a girl?

a guy likes you if he shows interest in interacting with you. But sometimes he might be just showing a normal friendly gesture. So it's hard to tell. The only thing that is sure is when he tells you directly and acts on it.

How do you know a guy is in love with you?

The best way to tell is by his behavior. He looks at you and he doesn't meet your gaze. He likes talking to you preferably. He compliments you. He flirts with you. He is friendly and treats you well. Or he doesn't look at you. He avoids talking to you. He doesn't being near you. He is not friendly and just talks because he has to. He might just be confused about his feelings and doesn't know what to do.

How do you tell if a guy you don't know likes you?

You can't really know until you know him For all you know he could just be a very friendly guy

How do you tell if a girl likes you ... especially if she's very friendly with other guys as well?

Being friendly doesn't mean that she likes them as well. You will know the girl likes you if you ask her for a date then she agrees. Then when she ask you to come in to her place and asked you to have a drink coffee or beer whatever is it. It means you have to get ready for the next scene boy..............

What does it mean when your ex give you his number and tell you to call him?

He wants you back as his gf. Or he's just being friendly.

How can you tell if a boy likes my personality?

you can really just tell if he looks like he enjoys being around you may be a good sign!

If a girl rubs on your hair does that mean she likes you?

No it just means she wants to play in your hair in a friendly way but if she rubs you more and somewhere else like your hands she definitely likes you. If you feel uncomfortable tell her.

How do you tell if a girl likes you in 6th grade?

Well if they go out of there way to talk to you,laugh at things you say or just try to suspiciously friendly its a safe bet they like you.But if you have to ask she probably likes you.

I cant tell if this guy likes me?

to tell if a guy likes you just be yourself around him and if he really likes you and he can tell your comfortable around him then you will know

How do you tell if a boy is flirting or just being mean?

if he is trying 2 get your attention he likes u and flirting but if hes not he is being mean.