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If a person displays many symptoms of ADHD [see related questions] one could suggest a person has ADHD. In some cases, such as inattentive subtypes of ADHD a person would not display obvious external symptoms.

Only a doctor can confirm a diagnosis of ADHD.

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How can you tell if a person has ADHD

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Q: How can you tell if a person has ADHD?
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How can you tell when a person has ADHD?

They lie and make excuses for their laziness.

How do you tell someone you think they have ADHD?

say " do you have adhd?"

Can a person be diagnosed with add and ADHD?

The person can only be diagnosed with ADHD when he/she is born.

Can a person get stem cell for ADHD?

ADHD is incurable.

Is rage associated with ADHD?

Many with ADHD have also reported outburts of rage. Although, a person can have ADHD, and not have intense rage.

How to tell if your child is exhibiting ADHD symptoms.?

how do I tell if my child is showing signs of ADHD at 5years old would help if you can show me some answers

How does a narcissist deal with a spouse with ADHD?

Well since narcissist is one who is in love with themselves and ADHD people get distracted easily well the best cure for and ADHD person is for them to get more sleep so tell them they need to get more sleep or your going to put them on tons and tons of medication

Is hyperactivity adhd?

Not necessarily. hyperactivity is a part of ADHD but hyperactivity it self is not adhd. This must be diagnosed by a medical professional and the subject may have adhd or is just a hyper type of person.

How to no if your friend is being retarded?

first of all see if they are a loud person then ask them if they now what adhd is if they are a loud person and do not not now what adhd is then they are retarted

Must a person with ADHD go to a special school?

no, plenty of kids with ADHD go to normal school. And actually most kids have ADHD when they are born.

What type of person is most often affected by ADHD?

ADHD more often affects male children than female children. However, ADHD has an in-direct affect on the families that have the challenge of an ADHD child.

Is there any jobs you can't get if your ADD or ADHD?

Office jobs and jobs in which do not interest you are not advised for somebody with adhd, and in applying for a job you will have to tell them you have ADHD, which may affect the outcome of whether or not you get the job.

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