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Office jobs and jobs in which do not interest you are not advised for somebody with adhd, and in applying for a job you will have to tell them you have ADHD, which may affect the outcome of whether or not you get the job.

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2009-11-17 01:11:26
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Q: Is there any jobs you can't get if your ADD or ADHD?
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What percentage of children were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD in 1990?

no one had any idea what ADD was in 1990

What dose add stand for?

ADD, ADHD or any other combination means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Do any Hollywood actors or actresses have ADD or ADHD?

Dakota Fanning, hyperactive-type.

Is trouble speaking part if add adhd OCD autism and or any other disorder or dissbility?

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Can someone with ADHD become a doctor?

Yes, a person with ADHD can go into any profession. People with ADD/ADHD often seem slow, or less intelligent to other people, but that usually isn't the case. It has been found that people with ADD/ADHD often have higher than average intelligence, and with proper management, can be very successful.

Does marijuana have any advantages?

yes its a great sleep aid... and it calms the nerves,,especially if you have add or adhd.

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What are some foods that cause adhd?

There does not seem to be any scientific evidence that food can cause ADHD. However, some research does suggest that food coloring may be the culprit. A good article can be found here:

Can you become a cop if you have a ADD or ADHD and can Handel under pressure?

No they need people who are healthy and without any disability

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Practical tips for parents of kids with ADD/ADHD on working with the school, helping with homework, addressing classroom problems, and making learning fun.

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If you think your child or someone you know may have ADD/ ADHD you can seek a psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist. Neurologists can diagnose and prescribe any relevant medication if neccessary.

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