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There is a few ways that you can tell if your wife is cheating on you. You can usually tell if she stops talking to you, flirt with someone or if she just tells you.

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Did eminem shoot someone when he caught his wife cheating?

No. He wrote a song called "Kim" that was about him killing his wife for cheating on him.

How do you tell if your wife is cheating?

You can't you have to give your absoloute trust in your wife and show it

How would one prevent their wife from cheating?

It is difficult to tell someone how to prevent a spouse from cheating on them. The best thing to do is to be loving, kind and respectful so that one's relationship remains strong.

How to tell girl is cheating?

To tell if a girl is cheating or not there are many ways. If you get to know from someone about cheating you should stalk her. See if there are any behavioral changes or not.

What do you do if you saw someone cheating?

Are you the person they were cheating or was it someone else? If someone was cheating you, I would say I didn't want to be their girlfriend (or boyfriend if you are a guy) anymore and that I saw them cheating. If it is someone else that was being cheated, I would tell the person who is being cheated and tell the person what I saw the person do.

How can you tell if your wife has been cheating?

get her to do a lie detector test

Should you tell a woman that you are cheating with her husband?

Stop Cheating with Another Woman's ManI honestly can not figure out why a mistress would want to tell the wife she is cheating with her husband, unless she thinks it might sway the odds in her favor that the wife would leave the husband. The best thing for you to do is to shop cheating with someone else's man and go out and find a man who is not married. To answer your question directly, NO, you should not say anything to the wife, especially if you hope to gain the husband from telling her. YES! Yes you should tell her. It will free you from him and hopefully the wife will free herself as well.

How do you know you can trust someone how can you tell if someone is cheating on you?

You can trust someone when they look you in the eyes and say something, you can tell if someone is cheating on you because they don't hang around you much and are always too busy for you.

How do you tell if wife is cheating?

She don't wanna have sex with you like that anymore

How do you tell someone you dont know that their girl is cheating?

tell them you don't know that their girl is cheating!! Unless your the guy sneaking around with her!!!

How would you get new dating and sexual experience without cheating you wife?

lol...the only way to do that without cheating is to tell her and get her approval, otherwise, its cheating.

How do you tell if your long distance wife is cheating on you?

ANSWER: When you said long distance, are you in military who are in far away places? If you are, you can't tell if your wife is cheating on you. What you need to do is give her more faith and trust so will feel secure.

Is Bill Clinton cheating on his wife?

No, he is not cheating on his wife.

Should the mistress tell the wife of the affair?

No, keep cheating and dont get caught.

How do you break up someone you love?

tell him or her you have been cheating on them that's how

What is the worst thing to say to your wife?

Tell her she is a lousy wife and mother. tell her you are in love with someone else Tell her that you cheated. But if you did, tell her.

How do you decide if you should tell your wife that you cheated?

Well a way to tell your wife you were cheating on her is to buy her stuff she likes the when she is in a good mood tell her she may be a bit cranky but she may forgive you quicker...

If you and your wife have been separated for five months is it considered cheating if you sleep with someone else?

* If you are legally separated then no, you are not cheating by sleeping with someone else, but remember ... she could be doing the same thing.

How to tell if your wife is cheating?

Takle Her To Dinner And Break The Bad News And Get A Divorce To Be With The Women You Want

Should you tell your son that his wife is cheating?

It all matters if you think he is machure enough to handle it

For what reasons can a man beat up his wife in Afghanistan?

For cheating on him or having sex with someone else...

How do you tell a guy you saw him cheating?

ANSWER: If this man is your friend because of his wife, then you don't have a problem confronting him. Just tell him that his wife didn't deserves to be betrayed by him. If he ignore you, then tell him that you will tell your friend. Do it in a nice ways so it will not back fires

Cockate - A husband with a cheating wife?

No. A husband with a cheating wife is called a cuckold.

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