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The only way of knowing for sure is to ask him, he can give you all the signals in the world but you could still be wrong in your judgement. But if you are looking for signs see if he is making time just to "run" into you, "touching" you on your arm etc, if it "feels" like he likes you, you are probably right. Good luck.

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Q: How can you tell if someone you think has a crush on you really does like you if he sends mixed signals?
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How do you determine Mixed Signals?

if you are getting signals from someone and you're not sure what they mean by those signals I wouldn't say that's mixed signals I'd just say they were confusing signals. however if you get a clear signal from someone and then another clear signal/reaction that contradicts it, then you would have received mixed signals.

What does it mean when your crush gives mixed signals but already knows you like them?

It could mean a number of things. One thing that you should definitely consider, though, is that they aren't mixed signals and you're just grasping at straws because you're desperately looking for any indication that your feelings are returned. The fact that they're "mixed" might mean your crush is just being normally friendly, realizing that you've taken it the wrong way, and then overcompensating by being harsh.

What to do if you are in love with someone and they give off mixed signals?

Wait, if she/he still give mixed signals, then you can tell him your true feelings.

How can you let your crush that you want him to continue pursuing you?

flirt back and try not to send mixed signals

What do you do if a girl sends mixed signals does it mean she likes you?

Not really just ask her

Why do men send mixed signals to women?

this is a silly question. Mixed signals are a two-way street, I would just as quickly ask you; Why do women send mixed signals to men?

Shes confused and is sending mixed signals?

She is sending this mixed signals because she does not know yet if she is ready for a relationship with you. Maybe she is because you are the one sending mixed signals and she is because she does not know if you like her.

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Crush on my bf guy friend and i get so nervous i cant speak to him and hes sending mixed signals and i dont know if he likes me or not but his friend told me he does what should i do?

keep it to yourself for now but break up with him or make him brake up with you then date who you really want to date. by aqua888

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Why do boys have to give you mixed signals?

Boys give mixed signals when they are unsure of what they should do or if they are not completely interested. Boys are usually learning to better understand girls before they mature.

Why can't a boy like a girl that likes he or has had a crush on him?

Idk know really but probaly cuz he has mixed feelings for her and doesnt want there friendship to be werid

What should you do if a guy is giving you mixed signals?

If a guy is acting like he's interested in you sometimes, but not other times, chances are "he's just not that into you." If he really wants you that badly, he'll make sure all of his signals tell you so.

Men sends mixed signals?

If a man is sending mixed signals you may have to take a direct approach and let him know that he is confusing you. It is not fair to keep you guessing as to his feelings if he is not being clear.

I really like this girl She is really pretty around 5'10 and muscular I am average looking 6'1 and skinny we talk a lot but I am getting mixed signals Do I have a chance with her We are in HS?

Ask her out, she might feel the same way for you.

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What do you do when a shy guy who liked you a lot starts sending REALLY mixed signals after you told him you liked him?

Maybe he liked the thought of liking you and now that he knows you like him, he's bored..?

If he gives you mixed signals does that mean he has mixed feelings?

Oftentimes yes. And the mixed feelings may not have anything to do with you. It may be something else in their life. Let your heart be your guide.

You are getting mixed signals from your psychologist?

Answer Find a different one. There is something wrong.

How can you tell if a man likes you or not when you keep getting mixed signals?

Ask Them Yourself !