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How can you tell if you're in love?


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March 05, 2011 2:34AM

If you feel a connection between you and your mate and your heart starts pounding when you think of them. When you feel special

Kowing you're in love

You can't stop thinking about them however it may just be you're hormones acting up. "Love: choosing the highest good for the other person!"


You can tell by ethier having a funny feeling when you are around someone or you act differently around that person

you think you can't live without that person and you just got to believe


  • Your heart pounds every time you think of him
  • he's always, every minute of the day , on your mind
  • He may even make you nervous
  • He may be your BEST friend in the WHOLE world and you don't knnow why you feel this way
  • You may have a lot in common and so you talk a lot
  • You don't care if he never does have those particular feelings for you. Just as long as he's happy, that's all that matters to you
  • If he has a girlfriend, even though you're happy for him, you can't help hating her
  • you would do anything to keep them safe
  • you would do ANYTHING in his benefit