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As long as you are getting the daily requirement of nutrients and eating healthy food, you are just dieting. If you are not eating...or not eating frequently, you have an eating disorder. You should try to eat some healthy food to keep your metabolism high. After a hard breakup, I stopped eating, and my metabolism plummeted...not fun!

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Q: How can you tell if you are just dieting or if you are anorexic?
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Is there a book on how to become anorexic?

There are not any books available that tell you how to become anorexic, but there are guides on the internet that can tell you how to become anorexic.

Is Selena anorexic?

No, shes just a petite person, shes not anorexic

How could you tell if someone is anorexic?

They are deathly skinny

Eating disorder marked by excessive dieting?

anorexia nervosa could be the possibility, but those who are anorexic perfer not to eat. The highest chance is orthorexia nervosa , which is caused by eating only healthy foods and constantly dieting.

You are a vegetarian and you need to loose 20 lbs you are going to become anorexic what should you eat?

You should never strive to be anorexic. Anorexia is a dangerous physical and mentla condition. The best way to lose the weight is through healthy dieting and exercise.

How do you be pretty but anorexic?

not anorexec.. that is just an disgusting thing to do to yourself.. seek help if you are anorexic, please.

Is Cheryl Cole anorexic?

no she is just skinny

Is Tracy Butler anorexic?

Just look at her.

Is it tempting to go anorexic?

For wannabes it is but for most people like myself that just sounds stupid as i am a proper anorexic.

What is the fastest way to become anorexic?

BEST. Like the best way to get into a car accident. Anorexic is a mind set. OCD helps but girl you just want to be skinny and that not anorexic.

How can you get anorexic I hate the way i am and i like the look of aneresick girls I am only 14 nearly 15 So i waz just seeing if you can give some advice on how 2 do that?

you should seek medical attention right away...they will tell you how to become anorexic.....

Is dieting dangeourse?

If dieting is not done correctly then it can be dangerous. Having a bad diet can be just as dangerous, if not more.

Is someone in glee anarexic?

well i think they accused lea michel of being anorexic but its not true. so no. no one in glee is anorexic. if they were, they wouldn't be on glee. they would be getting help. and plus you can kind of tell when someone is anorexic.

How do you feel before you are anorexic?

Before a person become anorexic, they are just like any other normal person in the world.

What if your friends say your really skinny does that mean im enerexik?

*anorexic* and no, it just means your skinny. If you eat regularly your not anorexic.

Why is Cher Lloyd anorexic?

she's not anorexic. she's just thin and she knows it, why is that, she's trying to eat a bit more ;)

Are The Veronicas anorexia?

the veronicas are not anorexic. they are just naturally thin although they did lose some weight in 2008. they are not anorexic though.

I am 15 and weigh 105lb and I am 5.3 feet tall am I anorexic or just underweight?

If you're female you are NOT anorexic, you are about the regular weight If you're male then you have a real high chance of being anorexic.

Was david bowie anorexic?

No he just did a lot of drugs.

Is Cole Sprouse anorexic?

no he is not anorexic he is just slim just because someone is slim it doesnt mean that they are anorexic and anyway if he was Disney would have never of let him on the suite life on deck he wouldn't be a very god role model to the younger generation

Do you tell people that you are anorexic when you are?

Only if you want to and should also consult a doctor.

How do you tell your mom you are anorexic?

i dont think you do tell your mum i think she finds out when you are not eating anything good look

How can you tell if your friend is anorexic?

If you noticed a lack in appetite or she has a significant weight loss, be sure to talk to her about it. Anorexia is serious. Just be a good friend and help her as much as you can.

Is Lady Gaga anorexic?

no, she just does a lot of exercise for her the monster ball tour and she look a little bit skiny, but she isn't anorexic

Help my anorexic friend now wants to be taller?

It is not possible. Height is a genetic thing. And if your friend is still anorexic then tell her/him that he/she can expect to technically shrink due to osteoperosis