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your boyfriend should care about you.he shouls show his feelings towards you and show every one else how much he cares about you.he would hold your hand.hug you and take you by surprise.he should respect you,your friends,and your family.

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Q: How can you tell if your boyfriend is really good for you?
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How do you get your mom to meet her daughters boyfriend?

Just tell your mom that you'd like her to meet your boyfriend. Tell her that he's a good guy (only if he really is!) and that it would be nice for her to meet him.

My boyfriend is very defensive and protective. He threw his friend 3ft away just for me. I really love him for that and he really wants to be the best boyfriend he can be. How do I show him I love him?

tell him after he protects you. good luck

How do you prove to your boyfriend you really want to be with him?

Tell Him

What good lie can you tell your boyfriend?

about what?

How do you tell you boyfriend you need him to stay?

Tell him that you love him and you really care about him

What do you do when your boyfriend wants to kiss you but your not over your ex?

It sort of depends. This is sort of a personal question, but if you really have an understanding boyfriend, he'd understand if you tell him you're just not ready to do something like that. If you have a good boyfriend who really cares about you, he'd understand if you explained you're just getting over a relationship with your ex boyfriend If he can't understand that, if he can't accept the fact that you have feelings, then is he really a good boyfriend? Good luck! :)

What do you do if your mom finds out you have a boyfriend?

Tell her about the good qualities about him. I really doubt you would want to tell her the negative stuff. Try to make her like him somehow

What to tell a girl that likes you but donesnt want a boyfriend?

Tell her how you feel about that. If she really likes, ask her why she doesn't want a boyfriend but don't be to pushy as it could be a personal matter. Tell her when she's ready you'll be there waiting for her. Good luck!

What do i say to my boyfriend if i don't want to send him pictures?

Maybe....Tell him if he was really into you he would know not to put you at risk sending pictures and he should respect you if he's a good boyfriend if you tell him no I don't want to.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you really like him?

he's already u r boyfriend, so he knows you really like him.

What do you do when your boyfriend's sister has this boyfriend who is always disrespecting you?

Tell the sister that her boyfriend is disrespecting you. She should settle it. Tell the boyfriend that you do not appreciate him disrespecting you. Other than that, there is really nothing you can do.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is really into you?

The girl will look hot

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