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Just ask them if they would like to go to dinner or movie later. Let nature take over.

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Q: How can you tell if your crush at work has the same feelings for you without making it too obvious?
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How can you wish your crush a happy birthday without making it obvious that you like her?

Give her a funny birthday card.

What do need to do when you have a crush?

You talk to your crush not making it obvious you like him/her if you do or if he/she knows. Just talk to them as if they are one of your friends and don't make things akward.......

How can i compliment my crush without seeming like a dweeb because i am like in love with his hair and smile and i want to tell him but I do not knowhow without making its obvious i like him?

say hi a couple of random times if he looks at you LOOK at him IN THE EYES

Your crush is always making fun of you but he says he does because he likes you but what does it mean?

It means its time to find a new crush. You don't need to put up with that kind of abuse. whoever answerd yes but what if that person has feelings for there crush they cant jus control there feelings and get over that person so quick

What does it mean when your crush has strong feelings for you?

It means he or she obviously like you. Therefore, if you tell him or her your feelings since you have a crush on them, then maybe you can start a relationship with them. <Beckyzzorous>

What does it mean if your guy friend who is friends with your crush told you your crush thinks your in love with him?

It means that your crush has seen the obvious outer signs of your affection and has confided in your mutual friend. Your crush basically knows you like him/her, so you should ask them how they feel about you: it will either let you develop a friendship, or you will be able to put aside those feelings knowing they are not shared.

Is it okay to email someone you use to work with and had a crush on without making a fool of yourself?


What is meant by crush?

that you have feelings for somebody (fancy them)

Does terrence j have a crush on rocsi?

isn't it obvious

What do you do if a your crush tells you that they love you?

If you are sure about sincerity of your feelings and his feelings towards you go ahead with it.

What to do when someone has a crush on you but you have a crush on their best friend?

Tell the person who has a crush on you the truth. I know everyone would say that and its REALLY hard to be so honest with someone telling them you like their best friend but its the best way to get it done without hard feelings.

Talk to Someone on Facebook that you have a crush on without them know who you are?

Yes, applications like "Honesty Box" and "Hot or Not?" will alow you to anonomously reveal your feelings.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush?

Dreams express the dreamer's feelings. They do not provide any information about anyone else's thoughts or feelings. So dreaming about one's crush only expresses the dreamer's own feelings.another view:It is possible, though that your crush went to bed thinking about you.

What do you mean by your first crush?

Answer A first crush is the first time you have feelings for someone of the opposite sex.

What does it mean when you dream of your crush with her husband?

It is difficult to interpret a dream without knowing something of what it is about. Very basically, the dream is about you and your feelings. It provides no information of any kind about your crush or the husband. Was your crush happy with her husband? Were you dreaming of watching them interact, or were you interacting with them? What did they say or do to you in the dream? Or did you feel "left out"? Was the dream sad or happy, angry or filled with jealous feelings? What were your feelings toward her husband? This is the sort of question you must ask yourself in order to understand the meaning of your dream.

Does Amy like Sonic?

It has been made obvious in the Sonic the Hedgehog games that Amy has a crush on Sonic. Whether or not Sonic returns her feelings is not known, but Sonic is usually shown ignoring her acts of affection.

Why is your crush mean to you?

They could be an insecure person; in some cases, a crush is mean to you to hide their true feelings.

What does it mean if you have a dream of you and your crush making out in your bedroom and the day you have this dream its a week away from the school dance?

It means: you've got a crush, and so naturally you think about that person a lot, and so it's not horribly surprising that you dream about them. It certainly does not mean that your crush necessarily returns your feelings in the slightest degree.

What does it mean when your crush asks you out in your dream?

it means, there is a sign that you two might be close in a way and be yearning for the same thing. or it could happen with someone, but not your crush This dream represents your own hope of being asked out by your crush. It expresses your feelings without providing any insight into how your crush really feels. The dream does not predict the future.

What does it mean when you dream your crush?

Dreams of your crush are produced by your own mind and express your feelings about that person. Your dreams are not influenced by any other person's thoughts or emotions, and such dreams do not mean that your crush is thinking about you. Although that belief is widespread, it is only an old superstition without any basis in fact.

Who does Justin bieber crush on?

I think it is pretty obvious he is out with Selena Gomez

Aedan has a crush on you?

If someone named Aedan has a crush on someone the one who they are crushing on should think about what their feelings are about Aedan. If their feelings are mutual let the other know by being direct or dropping signals.

When does Harry Potter realize Ron Weasley has a crush on Hermione Granger?

Harry talks about them getting together as a couple in Half-Blood Price but I think he knew they had feelings for each other before that, it was always very obvious.

Complicated crush what do you think I should do?

Without knowing the particulars, there is no way of answering. A crush is probably just that and will pass. If a relationship is feasible, make your feelings known and deal with what happens. You know pretty well what the chances are of it happening if you will be honest with yourself.

How do you know if i have a crush?

when you see that person and you get weird feelings like butterflies in your stomach that's when you know you've got a crush.