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I would keep the time of separation under consideration. He could either still be posessive of you and just wants to make sure that you are miserable or he could in fact miss you. Find out what type of questions he is making? Find out what is his reaction after he gets answers! Find out if he has spoken bad about you. At the end of the day, you are the only one to know for sure since you know him best.

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Q: How can you tell if your ex-boyfriend still has a crush on you if he asks his friends about you?
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What does it mean when you meet by accident an old crush and he asks?

If he asks anything about you used to have a crush on him tell him that you used to but now I don't anymore. Tell him why you used to. If he likes you, go for it if you still have feelings for him now. If he doesn't like you in that way, then be friends and just talk.

How do you know you had a crush?

you know that you have had a crush or have a crush at the moment if you think about that special someone frequently. think about it, does his name immediately come to mind when one of your friends asks you who you like?

Did your crush has a crush on you because he always asks you to buy juice at the cafeteria for him that you will buy for him?

Most likely. If you guys are friends, he may see you as a friend and offer to do it cuz that's what friends do, sometimes.

Who played Ross and chandler's college crush who Ross asks out on the tv show Friends?

Ellen Pompeo

What do you do if your friends crush asks you out?

GO OUT WITH THEM FOOL! dont just go out with them ask ur friend how big the crush is and think if u rly like them or not

If your crush says he likes you but doesn't ask you out what do you do?

If your crush claims that he likes you, but never asks you out, he is probably not yet decided on you, and still weighing his options.

What does it mean when your crush asks you who you have a crush on?

Usually when your crush asks you who you like, it means he/she wants to know if he/she is the person that you like because he/she likes you.

Is it okay to have a crush on your best friends crush?

it's okay because you can like the same preson, but if the crush asks YOU out, say no. that happened to me. my bff knew i liked a guy. then he asked her out and she knew that i like him. keep your friends close and never let them go.

What does it mean if your crush asks how you are?

he cares about you

What do you do when one of your friends asks out your crush?

You can either wait and watch and hope for the best. Or be directly involved and possibly ruin both Relationships .

Your ex asks you how are you?

it probably means that hes still not over you, or maybe just wants to still be friends

How can you tell if your ex bf still likes you?

he still calls you, he asks friends about you, he calls you on your b'day or special occasions

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