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If he touches you a lot flirts and stuff like that.

2018-03-05 20:31:12
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What it mean when a guy asked you to be his friend?

It means he likes you and wants to get closer to you or he is just someone who needs a friend. Which can also result in a relationship

What do you do about a boyfriend that says he is not ready for a relationship and wants to be friends because he is scared and says you remind him of his ex-wife?

be patient and there's actually nothing anyone could do if someone just wants to be friends. but be closer to him and just be his friend and be there for him all the time and let him be comfortable around you and maybe he'll change his mind and his heart will start loving you.

How can you tell if she wants a relationship or just friends?

Does she call you her friend to your face? She wants you as a friend.

Why did Kyra Sedgwick leave the closer?

she wants to do other things than just the closer

Who wants a best friend?

Everyone wants a friend or needs a friend and I'd like a best friend!!!just tell me your username

How do you know if she just wants to be your friend?

If she likes hanging out with you, making hints about being your friend, or even just acting kinder towards you, then she probably wants to be your friend. Who is she?

If a girl bes mean to you and then bes your friend what does it mean?

she either wants something from you or just decided she wants to be your friend. just my opinion though :)

She just wants to be friends?

So be her friend.

How to atract a girl?

Just ask if she wants to be friend maybe makes her comfortable with you and other friends .have a good attitude,make her laugh,make her happy,make her feel speacial

What do you do if the guy you are liking is still upset about his previous break up and isn't ready for a relationship he just wants to be friends?

Just be friends, and don't apply any pressure to get closer. He will let you know if he wants a relationship. But don't force it or you could lose him as a friend. Just let him be and enjoy the friendship

How do you break up with a friend?

Just simply by saying "I'm not your friend anymore"You should be gentle about it and tell them your just not comfortable and just want to be friends.

What is the difference between a lady friend and girl friend?

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love

What a guy wants in conversations?

A lot of times, the guy just wants to get to know you, and the more he can talk with you the more comfortable he will be around you.

How do you know if your ex best friend wants to be your friend again specificHELP?

well, if she really wants to be your friend again shes just gonna come out and say it.

When you are in a relationship and he only wants companionship out of it what does that entail?

He just wants to be your friend that's all

How can you tell if your friend that is a guys likes you or just wants sex?

If the friend likes to spend time with you then he like you. If he only wants to get physical then NO.

There is a girl who wants to be my friend but you don't want to be her friend what do you do?

just say what u feel

Does your guy friend like you or is he just a good guy details in discussion page?

You can have a guy friend that is just a guy but sometimes your relationship can turn into more than just friends. If you have a guy friend that likes you, ask yourself if you are comfortable with going out with him if he wants to. Or maybe you can just stay really good friends. It is different with different people. You might want to ask him. Hope that helped you! :D

What does it mean when a guy say he just wants to be there for you?

You are in the Friend Zone.

Your friend wants to just be friends but you want her to be your girlfriend what do you do?


How How do you know if you girl likes you or just wants to be your friend?

kiss her

What does it mean when a guy plays around with you a lot?

well that could mean two things one if he is grabby it means he wants to get in your pants. two if he is just playin he wants to be more than a friend or if your already dating he is being respectful by not trying to make you un comfortable.

What should i do She says she just wants to keep hanging out and isn't really looking for a relationship atm and that there's something there and it could happen in the future?

Just be a friend to her and above all just be yourself. listen to her and I mean really listen and see what happens. If she wants some space then give it to her and don't be too available. Do what you want to do and if you have plans at a certain time then don't cancel them just to be with her. If she wants you then let her tell you when she is ready. Compliment her every now and then but not all the time. If you want to see if she really wants you as a friend or partner then sit down and ask her when you are both comfortable with each others company.

What do it mean when a boy say he would like to be your friend?

then he's just wants to be ur friend :D

What do you do if your girlfriend wants to be just friends?

start looking for a girl friend