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You will know when it is fake if you look inside of the bag at the back of a zipper. If you don't see YKK, it is fake. Also, if you compare a real one to one you are not sure about, you can feel the difference through the fabric.

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Q: How can you tell if your jansport bag is fake?
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How do you tell the difference between a jansport bag and a fake one?

An authentic Jansport bag will always have the logo on the outside of the bag, a product tag, and be made from leather or canvas They will only be sold by an authorized dealer.

Is a trans by janSport a real janSport bag?

Yeah. It's one of the JanSport series that are very hard to copy or duplicate a fake one. :)

How much are jansport bags?

Jansport bags can cost a lot of different prices. The average price of a Jansport bag is about 20 dollars.

What special features do JanSport luggage bags have?

The single most outstanding feature of a JanSport luggage bag is their lifetime warranty. In the event that your bag is in need of any repairs, just inform JanSport and they will repair your luggage bag for you, free of labor and material cost.

How do you know if a jansport backpack is real?

You'll know if your jansport bag is real when there's YYK behond the zipper

How do you know if a Chloe bag is fake?

To tell if a Chloe bag is fake, look at the label. Ensure the label is genuine leather. Also, ensure the zipper is metal.

How do you know if a Tommy hilfiger's bag is fake?

There are many ways to identify fake bags such as Tommy Hilfiger. You can tell if bags are fake by their material. You can also examine the stitching and tag placement of the bag.

How can you tell when coach is fake?

Check out logos, stitching and other details. If you are interested in high quality replica designer coach bags, you can check BabaReplica replicas.

Is No L0826-12943 real coach?

How can i tell a real bag from a fake one

How do you tell between fake and real dolcegabbanna purses?

that's easy! are you stupid or something?! you have to see if on the bag it has DG and if not its fake!

How can you tell fake Michael kors handbags?

a fake michael kors bag will usually have the name spelled wrong and the quality of bag isnt as good , also the stiching is sloppy

How will you know if a JanSport bag is authentic?

Normally, if it has the JanSport logo on it, and also the JanSport tag, then it is probably authentic. If you're order offline, then I suggest going to the JanSport website. You never know what things people are selling online. Also, Target tends to do new JanSport bags during the back-to-school time of year. Hope this helped!

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