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It is like if a hamster is pregnant after about 10 days your mouse will be much fatter and much more active.

AnswerA pregnant mouse in the last week before she delivers will be visibly large starting from her waist area all the way to her backside. In fact, most expectant mouse mothers-to-be will be pear-shaped.

these i am sure you know but I'll tell you anyway when a mouse is getting pregnant she will eat a lot more than she does normally and get fatter her belly will be like a round circle. hope it helps :)

2011-09-13 05:27:30
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Q: How can you tell if your mouse is pregnant ... i got my mouse around 2 weeks ago from the pet shop .. she was with no other mice BUT shes getting a lot fatter from when i got her is she pregnant?
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What does it mean when your mouse is fat and has made a nest?

If your mouse is getting fat and is starting to nest that means she is pregnant. and is getting ready for her babies.

How long is a mouse pregnant for?

around 18 to 21 days

How many days is a mouse pregnant?

Around 21 days.

Could your mouse be pregnant if she is a lot fatter than she was when you bought her and when you stroke her near her belly she squeals and she is very active?

Yes sir..!! Get ready for a litter...this is exactly what had happened to me and there were 3 babies in the cage....

How long is a mouse pregnant?

A mouse is approximately pregnant for 23 days +.

How do long do a mouse be pregnant?

*how long does a mouse stay pregnant up to a month and a week

My Mouse has been at my house 25 days now and she is pregnant from the shop and still not given birth after 21days but is getting fatter what do i do?

If she gets sick then see a vet but wait till she goes into labor and do not inter fear just wait and if she doesn't go into labor soon (a week or so) then see a vet.

How do you know if your pet mouse is pregnant?

Hi well you probably putted a male mouse and a female mouse together and they would make babies, and she'll look like a golf-ball e.g The mouse probably will be getting bigger in the belly if it is pregnant or your just feeding it to much food which is making it look like a pig.

Can a mouse get a rat pregnant?

Not before the rat eats the mouse.

How can you tell if your female white mouse is pregnant?

Mice pregnancy generally does not show until the mouse is fifteen days pregnant. The mouse gestation period is twentyone days long. At day fifteen your mouse will be quite large and her stomach will be very visible. Before the fifteen day mark it is very hard to tell if the mouse is pregnant. I would suggest weighing it every day to see if is getting any heavier. To do this you will need a scale that weighs things in grams or ounces. If you do not want to weigh your mouse I would wait a few days and see what it looks like. If your mouse has not given birth in three weeks, than it is not pregnant.

How can you tell a mouse or rat by its tail?

A rat has a longer and fatter tail. Also, rats are a lot bigger than mice.

How do you take care of a pregnant mouse?

.when your mouse is pregnant you have to give it healthy foods with vitamins. desperate your male mouse before the babies are born because it will get the mom pregnant in the next 8 hours. wait to touch the babies till they open their eyes!

Is it okay for a baby mouse to lay on its back?

When a baby mouse or pinkie is on it's back, the baby can die. A couple of weeks after a mouse starts getting fur, it should be able to turn back around.

Can a girl fancy mouse get pregnant without a male mouse in the cage?

maybe or maybe not

How can you tell if your mouse is pregnant?

See if it has babies or not

What do you feed pregnant mice?

Mouse food.

Is a rat and mouse the same thing?

No, a rat has a larger body and a longer, fatter tail, while the mouse usually has larger ears, a smaller body and a smaller, thinner tail. Hope this helped.

When will your mouse have babies 3weeks pregnant?

Not exactly, a lot of people may tell you that the gestation period for a mouse is between 18-23 days but my mouse turned out to be pregnant when we bought her and she had her babies at 6 weeks!

What slide the mouse around the mouse pad?

mouse ball

How do know if a moues is pregnant?

you will never know if a mouse is pregant ! you will never know if a mouse is pregant ! you will never know if a mouse is pregant !

How do you stop your computer mouse from double clicking?

getting a new mouse

Is pregnecy for a mouse dangerous?

Is It dangerous for humans to get pregnant? NO!

Could a girl get pregnant by touching a computer mouse?


Can you give pregnant mother mouse to snake?

yes you can..

How do you tell if your mouse is pregnant?

they'll pretty much double in size a friendly mouse may bite.