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If you can't find any leaks and you have it flow tested, you will know.

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Q: How can you tell if your radiator is good?
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How can you tell if you need a radiator in 99 Cadillac northstar engine how can you tell if your radiator is bad?

how can you tell if you need a radiator in a 99 cadillac northstar engine

Is white surface good radiator of heat?

A white surface is a good radiator of heat.

How do you fix a cracked raditor end cap on the driver's side of a 1988 coupe deville?

If it's repairable, a reputable radiator shop will be a good resource. They can tell you if the radiator can be repaired or if it must be replaced.

How can you tell if a radiator is defective?

A radiator is defective if fluids are leaking out of the radiator or there is a leak of steam. Or, if thecore is blocked, the radiator will remain cold or just slightly warm in places.

How do you know if your radiator is not working?

First replace your thermostat. To check circulation, fill the radiator and start the car with the radiator cap off. When the thermostat opens, you will be able to see water should circulate in the radiator. If the car is still getting hot, pull the radiator and take it to a shop. The will be able to tell you if there is good circulation, and if it will hold pressure. There should be no charge for testing.

An object that is a good radiator of electromagnetic waves is also a good?

An object that is a good radiator of electromagnetic waves is also a good source of energy (heat,light ...)

What surface is a good radiator?

The same surface as is a good absorber is also a good radiator: a black surface that is not reflective.This is where the term "black body" comes from.

There is a hole in the plastic on the side of the radiator Can it be fixed?

Usually a radiator is made of metal. Plastic can not take the pressure. A hole can be fixed by welding. A radiator shop can tell you for sure.

How do you fix a leaking car radiator?

Replace the radiator with a new or good used one.

Capacity of radiator for 1989 Chevy S-10?

What I do is put half antifreeze and half water in to the radiator and keep putting more radiator fluid tell you see it in the neck of the radiator and put some radiator fluid in the coolant reservoir tank too.

How can you tell where your car is leaking antifreeze from?

Call Around; Find A Radiator Shop or A Mechanic That Can Pressure Test Your Radiator. This Should Help

How often to change radiator fluid?

You need to get a tester at any auto supply store for 3-5 dollars. Dip in rad and it will tell you if fluid is good . If fluid is good, then there's no need to change it.

How can you tell if you have a bad radiator cap?

Usually the rubber will be hard and cracking

Where is the radiator located in a 2006 BMW 325i?

Don't know tell me

How do you tell if a radiator blew?

You will see coolant pouring from it and your car will overheat

How do you tell if your radiator is clogged?

some cooling systems, you can check by removing the radiator cap when the water is cool. Then crank the vehicle and let it run until it reaches operating temp. If the water reaches or exceeds operating temp with no flow seen inside of the radiator, it could possible mean that your cooling system is clogged. Also a good indication is if there is rust deposits around the filler neck on the radiator.

How many ounces of 134 does a 1996 dual ac and heat take Not on your vehicle?

on the under side of the hood or along the top of the radiator it should tell you or you can call your local parts store and thay can tell you. good luck

How do you tell if radiator is in good condition?

Well, u would no that it's not if it starts burning and exploding! you would no if it isn't if it didn't burn up and explode! Hope I helped! :)

Why radiator fan don't go on?

I check radiator fan, and relays and they are good, what can be a problem when my car reaches temperature to open termostat radiator fan does not work

What is the difference between a good radiator of heat and a good reflector of heat?

A dark, matt surface is a better radiator of heat than a shiny, flat surface.

How do you tell if you have a busted radiator on 1996 Ford Taurus?

The radiator will leak, Its function is to hold water in a way as to cool it for the engine. So if it leaks, its busted.

Good absorbers of electromagnetic radiation are also good at what?

Radiator of electromagnetic energy

What is the best radiator for a 1989 Trans Am gta 5.7 liter?

If you want a good radiator get an all aluminum radiator as they cool a lot better, call summit racing as they have them.

Why does the hose from the radiator to the thermostat lose pressure it gets no water through it?

coolant in engine enters radiator at the bottom, goes up thru radiator and exits radiator at top. i would think your radiator is clogged up try a good,(expensive) radiator flush to see it that fixes proble,

How do you tell if your water pump is working?

easiest way to tell if water pump is working is to run engine until at running temp. then carefully remove radiator cap. with someone slightly reving engine, look into radiator. if the pump and thermostat are working correctly, you will see the coolant moving(circulating) in the radiator