How can you tell when your hamster is going to die soon?


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you can tel if ur hamster is dying by it being very cold and very soft and is less active the best thing to do is to hold ur hamster when u notice it dying

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A hamster with a dislocated shoulder is not going to die. He should be taken to the vet, who can pop the shoulder back into place and heal the hamster.

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please someone answer soon. My hamster is now constipated. I think he will die soon so please answer soon. oh I can't take him to the vet because it is $50 just to get him looked at and I do not have that kind of money.So is there any type of treatment that I can do without going to the vet?

You probably could do nothing. But you can try going to the vet.

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Unless given by a doctor or vet, you should never give a hamster a shot unless they are going to die.

He will not move or play on his wheel or eat anything and eventually he will die.

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It is depend upon hamster, better to give a anti baitic in it's food and little milk, so the bleeding will stop soon or your hamster can die also. Take care of it.

If the hamster is older then she can die.

I cant tell you how many times this has happened to me before. Its gonna die really soon im sorry. Its a virius that goes around in hamsters kinda like cancer in humans.

Well if a hamster doesn't have any food, then it will probably die of starvation. I would recommend that you give it some food as soon as possible if you want it to live.

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ekk! always leave water in the cage for your hamster. if your hamster cant drink water for about a day and a half its going 2 b dehydrated. your hamster would most likely die.

There are two options either he is going to die or he will die soon. :(

a baby hamster comes out of it. how else could you tell?they dieThats rude!!!! You can tell if the mom hamster is fater everyday and she starts making a nest!they don't die they make a nest,eat more,and sleep alot. Then when the baby comes out she kills the father just like many species of bugs. :)

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