How can you tell where a dollar bill was printed?

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It's very easy to determine where US bills were printed so long as they're Federal Reserve Notes, Silver or Gold Certificates, or US Notes.

All US bills (banknotes) are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing(*). Up till 1990 there was only one printing plant, located in Washington DC. Even though older Federal Reserve Notes (and current $1 and $2 bills) have a city name on them, that's simply the headquarters of the Federal Reserve District that distributed the bills - they were all printed by the BEP.

By the late 1980s the demand for bills had increased to the point that a second printing plant was needed. The Fort Worth facility released its first bills in 1990. They're identical to bills printed in Washington except for a tiny "FW" next to a plate position indicator, usually in one corner of the bill.

(*) Despite common belief, up to and including popular movies such as "Who's Minding the Mint?", the Mint does NOT print paper money. The US Mint only makes coins.

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Q: How can you tell where a dollar bill was printed?
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The year should be printed on the front of the bill

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A dollar bill is printed on a special linen based paper.

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The fact that you are holding it indicates it is fake. There is no such thing as a million dollar bill and one has never been printed.

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How do you tell where a 2 dollar bill was printed?

If the bill is dated before 1990, it was printed in Washington DC. For later bills, look to the right of the Treasury Seal. In very small print, there will be a letter and number such as D182 or H7, which indicates the plate position of that bill during printing. If there are the letters FW just before it, the bill was printed in Fort Worth. If not, then it was printed in DC.

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