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AnswerSome signs could be he doesn't see you that often. He may not phone you or email you. He misses dates or forgets important dates such as your b/d or going somewhere special. He's never around and may tell you he's out with the guys. In other words he has no consideration for your feelings. Communicate is so important, so try talking to him. He may have other problems (work or school problems, be depressed or have problems at home.) Don't second-guess this behavior and see if you can't straighten this out. but smack him a hard one just so he gets wat he has gotten into.
Only if he doesn't love you or care about you
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What do you do when your boyfriend is being a jerk?

Simple: dump him and tell him to get lost.

You got asked out by your friend and you have a boyfriend what do you do?

tell your friend the truth, or if you like your friend more than your boyfriend...dump your boyfriend!

Why did your boyfriend dump you and then tell you i have big breasts?

obvioulsy because he wants to get in your pants

I found out that my mom's cheating on her boyfriend whom I really don't like but I still completely disagree with what she's doing and it makes me sick to your stomach.What do I do?

Talk to your mom about this situation. Tell her that if she is going to do this she needs to dump her boyfriend because she is hurting her boyfriend whether he knows it or not.

Why would your boyfriend dump you and tell you that he needs to figure things out for himself?

Your Boyfriend doesn't know which to choose. You. Or someone else..

What to do if you not happy in your relationship because of your controlling boyfriend?

You can either tell him that his to controlling... or just dump him. :)

How would you handle the situation if your boyfriend gets you in trouble with your parents?

You should dump him or tell on his parents.

Is it ok to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend so that you can be with someone else because you like them more?

yes but don't tell your boyfriend/girlfriend why you are dumping them

What to do when your boyfriend has another girlfriend who is ahead of you?

You DUMP him!! just dump your boyfriend and make him feel bad. ;)

How can i dump my boyfriend ive been dating for 2 days?

Just tell him the truth really nicely.

What should you do if my boyfriend is flirting with others?

Sit down with him/her and tell them your inner feelings if they still flert then dump them

Should I dump your boyfriend?

That is impossible, if he is "my" boyfriend then he can not be dumbed by you.

What to do if your ex boyfriend threatening you and your family all the time with the phone calls?

You dump your tell your parents and call the police.

How do you get your boyfriend to get over his ex?

tell him the stuff she had messed up on with him, and tell him it wasnt supposed to work out and that he is with u now. And if he still doesnt get over her, dump him.

How can you get your boyfriend to appreciate you more?

Dump him and get a boyfriend who appreciates you more.

How do you stop a boyfriend from treating you like you are dumb.?

just tell him straight up that you are not dumb then dump him.And walk away.

What to do when boyfriend has been found to be seeing someone weekly that i don't know about?

You should dump him, but do it to his face and tell him that you deserve better.

Boyfriend cheated on you at a party?

Dump him

How do you evict a live in boyfriend?

dump him

What do you do if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you?

dump him

What can you do to get your boyfriend to go get a job?

dump him.

What should you do if your boyfriend is a cheater?

Dump them

What does it mean when you dream they kill your boyfriend?

Without further information, it is difficult to provide a meaningful interpretation. In general, "they" could symbolize the dreamer's own mixed feelings about the boyfriend, and her indecision as to whether to dump him or not.

How Can you Dump your boyfriend of one day because you still like your ex?

tell him that he's not exciting and if he is than o well. tell your ex that u still like him.....

How do you tell your new boyfriend that you are married?

Uh Well first of all when you are married you don't have boyfriends...... So dump the idiot and then tell your husband what kind of sl*t you are!!