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How can you tell you have cancer?


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Often there are no signs that one could have cancer. Some people are walking around with it right now and may not know and it's a risk we all have to live with. Scientists are still baffled as to why some people have cancer and others don't. We all carry dormant cancer cells, but why do they activate in certain people? That's the key the scientists are trying to unlock.

With some cancers it could come on by a mole that has changed (get your doctor to keep a good check on any moles on your body and this is called Melanoma if it is cancerous.) Ovarian cancer can hide itself until the person begins to experience unusual bleeding or cramping (great pain) or is prone to cysts in this area. Breast cancer of course may be detected by getting a mammogram every year to two years. Seeing your doctor for a pap smear is also a way to detect if you have cancer cells in that area. You can have skin cancer and have a lesion or sore on your body that will not heal and you should see a doctor immediately and it's usually curable.

Not all cancers mean death and if caught early by seeing your doctor for a GOOD over-all physical it's possible to catch many cancers before it's too late.

Dogs are now being trained and used to detect cancer, but it is not used as much as I feel it should be. The dogs detect the cancer from the scent of the cancer cells from people with cancer. Much like a dog that can sniff out drugs. There is a great success rate with this method and it will be used in the near future.

I had a friend that had a mole on her arm. Her dog would get up on her and keep licking it. At first it irritated her and she'd get mad at the dog, but the dog was persistent and her husband told her she should have it checked out. Sure enough it was cancer, the mole was removed and she's fine to this day.

The first and most prominent sign of breast cancer is the forming of lumps in the breast. Routine self examinations are highly suggested to the monitoring of existing as well as new lumps. If you do feel that there is a lump or several lumps, consult a physician immediately. Your doctor will schedule a biopsy of the lump or lumps which will determine whether the cyst is cancerous or benign (non-cancerous). After determining the state of the lump he/she will then make a decision to either leave and monitor closely, or remove the lump. Please be aware that not all breast cysts are cancerous, and that seeing your doctor for regular exams as well as routine self examinations is the best way to prevent and treat such conditions. Take care and good luck.


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