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Go to the alsat site an drop into the forums, Dark Alex is the king on the forum providing the loader and weekly encryption key files to download.

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Q: How can you transfer software from a computer to a technomate TM1000D satellite receiver using a null modem cable RS232?
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Can you connect hbs satellite receiver and computer with LAN cable for software updates?

no yes

Where you can find a satellite receiver computer software?

Go to and see satellite tv for PC page and follow the links.

Does the laptop receive signals for a satellite?

For a laptop (or any computer) to receive signals from a satellite you must add a receiver card. This could be external (USB interface) or internal (PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a regular PC). The receiver card has to be fed signals from a satellite antenna or a satellite dish with amplifier converter, known as an LNB. You do not say what signal you want from the satellite. You can watch TV or download data using a satellite receiver card, for this you will need a subscription with a satellite ADSL provider, who will also offer you the card and the software.

What is the exact method to load the Mediacom receiver MFT910 plus new software from computer to the receiver?

please i need these questions

To upgrade new software to your receiver opentel ODS 2000 c1 common Interface Digital satellite Receiver DV3 Diseqc 1.2 Digital Videv Broadcasting?


Do you need to buy Software when you watch satellite TV on your PC?

There are two ways to watch satellite TV channels in your computer: Watching satellite TV in your PC needs software installed in your computer. There are lists of satellite TV for PC which is available in the internet. You just need to pay a one-time payment to be able for you to download the software. Before you buy a satellite TV for PC software, make sure that you have a high-speed Internet connection running to at least 1 mbps. Take note that downloading a large movie file in the Internet with a slow connection is not fun. Basically, you will not enjoy watching movies if your media player keeps on buffering. One more thing, it is true that they have more than a thousand of channels available but unfortunately, all the movies that you are going to have on these channels are not in English. The channels available in the software are not the live ones; they are pre-recorded from the channels around the world and are stored for you to watch them. They are movies with different languages and not just the English ones. If you have a satellite TV subscription you can just attach a tuner card in your computer to watch your favorite channel in your computer. Technically, your computer will act as your television. These tuner cards have their own software. To be able for you to watch them, just connect the cable from the receiver going to your tuner card and do a fine tune to get signals from your satellite dish. Most of the time, you don't have to fine tune your tuner card. The receiver will be one who will give you the satellite signal on your computer. If you want to know more about Satellite TV for PC, I added a related link where you can find the list of Satellite TV for PC

How can you transfer software from a computer to an Opentel satellite receiver and Zeta cam?

you have to zip the Opentel file backup drive to the computer using a ZRS 5 switch cable running 54mb then connect the zeta cam to both configuring your TQ panel switch.

How can you download software on your q sat receiver?

To download software on your QSAT receiver you start by transferring your file from your computer to your USB flash drive and connect it to your receiver. Then, press the menu button and navigate to upgrade on your receiver, press OK, and select USB/card upgrade.

How does one hook up satellite TV to a PC?

One first hooks up a TV tuner card to their computer and installs the software. Then, one would connect the satellite receiver box's video output to the tuner card. Then, one would turn on the satellite box and open the TV application installed with the capture card's drivers.

Can you hook up your laptop with 802.11 to receive a direct tv satellite cable signal and watch cable?

You could hypothetically do that but it would require purchasing some expensive equipment and the setup would be somewhat complicated. In addition, you need a satellite receiver set top box to receive the satellite signal. You cannot use your computer as a satellite receiver. The easiest way to accomplish what you want is to buy a TV tuner card, tune the tuner card to channel 3 or 4, then attach the satellite receiver to the tuner card. Or you can purchase a video card that has RCA inputs and hook up the satellite receiver that way. You can convert your PC to a TV, but you cannot convert it into a satellite receiver. And last but not least, and even easier, you can purchase software for 50 bucks that will allow you to tune into hundreds of satellite tv channels vis the internet. Go to the following website to read more about this option:

Upgrade receiver software?

Dish Network satellite receivers upgrade automatically, usually at night depending on your settings. You can encourage a software update by making sure the receiver is in "stand by" mode. If you have a Dish TV duo receiver, you must make sure both TV1 and TV2 are off. Wait a few minutes, if a software update is available you will see the message that your receiver is updating. If not, call Dish Network customer service.

Software micromax digital satellite receiver universal embedde-4500?

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