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Q: How can you translate Japanese signatures on paintings?
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How do you say Shoulders in Japanese?

just go to google translate and translate Shoulders to Japanese

Thank you in Japanese translate in English?

if you mean translate it (thank you) from English to Japanese then it is arigatoo

Which printmaking technique was commonly used to translate oil paintings to printed form?

Mezzotint was the printmaking technique commonly used to translate oil paintings to printed form.

How do you translate 'why' into Japanese?

"Why" in Japanese is "naze"

How are Chinese paintings and Japanese paintings alike?

Chinese paintings are more realistic.

How do you translate dsi games Japanese to English?

You can go to google translate.

Where can you find names that match signatures on Japanese silk paintings?

I've had issues with this same thing. I found a forum online that seems to give better answers than google. Please see the related links below.

How do you translate win to Japanese?

"To win" is 'katsu' in Japanese.

What is the word 'little bomber' when translated from English to Japanese?

The words "little bomber" translate to _____ in Japanese. There are many translators online that can easily translate words from English to Japanese.

How are the Japanese namban paintings unique?

The Japanese Nanban paintings are unique because of the combination of Christian icons and Japanese painting styles. Nanban art was popular during the 16th and 17th centuries.

How do you translate a Japanese Nintendo64 Game from Japanese to English?


How do you spell cobashie in Japanese?

cannot translate this one its not English or Japanese

How do you translate potato into Japanese?

The Japanese word for potato is ポテト (poteto).

How do you translate Allan Matela in Japanese?

It can be written in Japanese as: アラン・マテラ

What is the word for luxury in Japanese?

Why dont you type it in google translate?! EDIT: Google translate is terrible with Japanese, that's why, lazy person.

How do you translate Japanese writing in a game?

You can highlight the words and copy them. Then go to google translate and paste it. Then click so it says Japanese to English, and click the translate button. Sometimes it doesn't translate very well, but it's better than not knowing at all.

Where can you go to translate Japanese for Pokemon soulsilver?

You can't translate it, but you can download a patch from limewire.

Which place is this translate it in Japanese?


Translate get well into Japanese?


How do you translate nature in Japanese?


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How do you say gummie in Japanese?

does not translate

How do you say banzai in Japanese?

Banzai is already a Japanese word. No translate is needed.

Translate gingerbreadboy to Japanese?

There's no Japanese word for gingerbread, but boy is "otokonoko."

How do you translate Sharon in Japanese?

シャロン /sha ron/ is Japanese spelling for that name.