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Why dont you type it in Google translate?!

EDIT: Google translate is terrible with Japanese, that's why, lazy person.

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Q: What is the word for luxury in Japanese?
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What is the name of Japanese luxury car starting with letter I?

Infiniti is the name of Japanese luxury car starting with the letter I.

What is the name of the Japanese luxury car division?

Acura is the Japanese luxury car division for the auto make Honda Motor Company.

How do you say luxury in Japanese?

A noble is "kizoku."

What is a sentence for the word luxury?

An x-box is a luxury that we don't need.

Is acer American?

Acer is the luxury part of Honda and therefore Japanese

What country makes Infiniti?

Infinity is the luxury brand of Nissan, which is a Japanese company

What is the Luhya translation of luxury?

The Luhya translation of the English word 'luxury' is "Iraha".

What is the comparative word of luxury?

The comparative form of "luxury" is "more luxurious."

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