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Men (or women) that have cheated before should not be bringing around friends of the opposite sex! Hon, you are taking on the load of responsibility when it should be him. He's playing games with you. It's a slap in the face when he brings these girls around and he shows no signs of being faithful or respecting you and your child. It's time he grew up! Young single moms can make it out there in the world and they survive. I'd think about this guy long and hard, and NEVER feel trapped into thinking you need to stay with a jerk like this even if he's the baby's father. You can survive, and you can make it on your own, and you will meet someone else that would love you and your child. Tell him loud and clear to lose the girl friends! If he doesn't like what you have to say or he's sneakier about it, (going out more often without you) then tell him to hit the bricks. Good luck hon Marcy answer u can`t

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Q: How can you trust your mate again if you live with him and your 3-month-old baby and he has cheated on you before and still introduces you to his female friends?
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