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Adjust the idle screw.

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Q: How can you tune your carburated engine so that it idles higher?
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Why does my 2001 Lincoln continental service engine light is on and idles erractly?

Needs a Tune up

Why does 1984 ford 5.8 engine idles rough?

NAPA and Precision Tune and Auto Zone have a free analyzer check. Use it.

Why does the engine shake when it idles?

Might be time for a tune up, new plugs, fuel filter, pcv valve, cap and rotor and wires if aplicable.

Why would your MPG be lower after a full tune up?

Could be the mechanic set the throttle control too high, so your car idles at a higher RPM than it used to. Timing was set wrong. your car should be better after a tune, perhaps the tuner made a mistake or did not do the tune correctly

2006 Toyota Tacoma idles too fast even after reaching normal operating temperature with no accessories on your engine idles at 1000 rpm so how do you adjust the idle?

that is a computer problem you will need the proper reader for it and that is about 4000 so just take it in it is only about 40-60 dollars and they will tune it right

How do you tune up 5A engine?

how do i tune up my 5a toyota engine

How perform diesel engine tune up?

I perform diesil engine tune up to avoid engine trubol

What causes 93 camaro 3.4 run idles rough when its in drive or reverse?

More than likely... Tune up, or vacuum leak

Which end of a panpipe is higher in tune?

the shorter pipes are higher-pitched.

Why does a 1998 Mazda 626 have a rough idle while it is in Park?

It probably needs a tune up. My 1998 Mazda 626 was idling very rough, so I did a tune-up by replacing the spark plugs and wires. This made the engine run better, but the rought idling continued. I took it to my mechanic, and he found a vacuum leak somewhere, and $270 later, it idles smooth as glass

What is diesel engine tune-up?

diesel engine tune up-valve adjustment,bleeding,on time method,change oil,change filter

What different of perform diesel engine tune up and gas tune up?

No spark plugs on a diesel.

96 Ford Explorer check engine light is on also idles rough?

I've had this problem a couple of times with my 96 Ford Explorer. Either: 1. The car needs a tune up 2. A sensor is out and the car needs a tune up 3. Something is wrong with idle . . . needs to be checked The real answer is that you need to get to a mechanic asap . . . When the idle was loose, the car would die, but when a tune up was needed it ran rough without fully dying . . .

How do you tune sbc blower engine?

Very carefully.

How do you tune a nitro RC car?

Mostly by engine temperature but also the sound of the engine.

Can a big turbo charger cause engine damage?

It's more about the tune-if you have enough fuel, strong enough pistons/rods/crank, etc., with the correct tune, you can have a huge or a small turbo on an engine. If you just put a bigger turbo on a vehicle and do not add fuel and tune, your engine will suffer.

When sitting with vehicle in gear it idles up and down and temperature gage goes up what is the problem just recently had a tune up and fuel system cleaned?

take it to a mechanic for a diagnostic

Why won't my 1987 Camaro idle with the air condition on?

Your car needs a tune up or need a new engine. The air condition puts load on your engine and if it stalls then it needs a tune up.

How do you tune maruti car 800 carburetor engine?

You can tune a Maruti automobile 800 carburetor engine by adjusting the fuel and air intake adjustment screws. With the engine running, turn the adjustment screws to obtain the proper idling speed.

How can you get a higher note on a guitar?

Tune the high E string clockwise.

What are two ways to play a higher note on a cello?

You can shift or you can tune the strings higher (which I don't recommend doing).

What causes car to shake when engine idles below 1500rpm and is in park?

Have system scanned if check engine light is on. I would check for vacuum leak and if none were found do a tune-up if due. May need a fuel system check ,,,,fuel regulator, fuel injector, fuel filter. Could be throttle position sensor or crankshaft position sensor. Could be a computer problem.

What make engine vibrate?

Could be a misfire. In need of a tune up.

Tune up specs for Pontiac tempest 1963?

depends on the engine

What does it mean when your engine shakes?

It means it probably needs a tune up.