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I don't know so that's why I'm asking u

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Q: How can you type your book report on your iPad?
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How do you type book names?

The title of a book should be italicised when you have typed it (e.g. in an essay/article/book report).

You have to do a book report on the book loser?

Loser is a good book to do a book report on if it is a realistic fiction book report.

Is the Apple iPad better than the mac book?

The Mac Book and ipad serve different purposes. The Mac Book is a fully featured Laptop. The ipad is a large ipod touch that can sit on your lap.

Can an iPad be a book?

The iPad itself cannot be a book, but you can go to the App Store and download Kindle for the iPad free. Then you can purchase or choose free books for the Kindle app.

What has the author Michael E Cohen written?

Michael E. Cohen has written: 'The iPad 2 project book' -- subject(s): Pocket computers, Tablet computers, IPad (Computer) 'User's manual for HOMER' -- subject(s): Data processing, Editing, English language, Homer (Computer file), Report writing, Rhetoric, Study and teaching 'The iPad 2 project book' -- subject(s): Pocket computers, Tablet computers, IPad (Computer)

Is a book report supposed to be pages or paragraphs long?

Depends on what type it is. But its usually pages

How do you write a 6th grade book report outline?

A Sixth grade book report outline should consist of: title, author, setting, main events, problem/conflicts, and conclusion.

What type of computer is an Apple iPad?

The Apple iPad is a "tablet" computer.

How much does it cost to download books to iPad?

it changes from book to book

How do you do a book report about a monkey?

to do a book report about a monkey just read a book and rite it

What exactly can an iPad book store do?

The iPad book store gives you access to get electronic books and put them on your iPad and other apple devices. You can get unlimited access to books, comics, newspapers and more. Be aware that the iPad bookstore is not Apple's official bookstore, which is iBooks.

Where can you find the book the outsiders?

In iBooks if you have an IPad