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Contact Metro PCS - They obviously have a problem with you using your phone as a hot-spot ! It may be that you're violating their Terms of Service !


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You need to go to a Company store, they can do it.

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i have a metro PCS and i wanna change my number too. I've been surfing the web for an hour to see if it was possible to do this online. unfortunately.... there's no way to do it. we both have no choice but to either call metro or go to the store itself. it sucks, i know.

If you have set up an online account with Metro PCS you should be able to access your call history. You will also be able to download your call history for analysis.

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To block your telephone number for a call, dial *67before dialing the telephone number.To unblock your number for any call (if you have a blocked line), dial *82 before dialing the telephone number.If this is regarding MetroPCS' Screen-it feature:Turn Screen-it OFF for all calls - Dial *85 and TALK from your phoneTurn Screen-it ON for all calls - Dial *65 and TALK from your phone

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