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How can you use nuisance in a sentence?

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Like so: "That man is a nuisance!"

It's the same as "That man is an annoyance!" or "annoying person."

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What sentence can you use for nuisance?

A good sentence for nuisance would be: 'The dog was such a nuisance that we had to keep him outside all day in order to not displease our guests.'

How do you use the word 'nuisance' in a sentence?

"It was a real nuisance to have to go back home to get my passport."

How do you use nuisance in a sentence?

The little boy caused so much nuisance in the class.

How do you use the word nuisance in a sentence?

Computer problems are a nuisance for many companies. The little boy was being a nuisance to his brother.

How do use nuisance in a sentence?

Definition: A person or thing that annoys or bothers you.Example: Standing in line to watch the movie was a nuisance.

What is an example of a sentence with nuisance?

His constant interruptions were quite a nuisance to the class.

How do you use the word telemarketing in a sentence?

Telemarketing calls are a nuisance.He looked for a new job in telemarketing.

In the sentence 'The issue is is it a nuisance.' is the clause 'is it a nuisance' a predicate noun or a predicate adjective?

The sentence is so informal that grammatical categorization runs screaming from it. Formally we say "The issue is whether it is a nuisance." Recording informal speech we write "The issue is: Is it a nuisance?"

How do you use in my opinion in a sentence?

In my opinion, pets are a nuisance. In my opinion, trees are a good resource. In my opinion, shopping is fun!

Can you put nuisance in a short sentence?

Yes you can. Like if there was a pesky child, an adult, supposing either parent or teacher would say: "You are nuisance" OR "(Child's Name), you are a nuisance."

Make a sentence using the word nuisance?

To be a nuisance means to be a pest, to be annoying. Example: ''The little boy was making a nuisance of himself by nagging his mom about the new toy he wanted."

How do you minor in a sentence?

The abrasion is just a minor nuisance, considering where it is located.

What is an example of a sentence using the word meddlesome?

My boss is a meddlesome nuisance.

What simile can you use for nuisance?

"My brother was a nuisance like a house fly." or "She was as annoying as all the common nuisances combined."

Sentence with abate?

Abate means to remove or reduce a nuisance. A good sentence would be, she was trying very hard to abate the smell of the skunk out of her vehicle.

What is the definition of nuisance?

A nuisance is a bothersome person or situation. In legal use, it is something that causes offense, annoyance, trouble, or injury. *In modern use, a "nuisance lawsuit" is one filed many with the hope of exacting a cash settlement in exchange for it being dropped. This is also known as "frivolous litigation."

Is nuisance an adjective?

No. Nuisance is a noun.

What part of speech is nuisance?

Nuisance is a noun.

What is the word family for nuisance?

'Plague' is a synonym for nuisance.

What do people use to kill possums?

Most people use live traps to relocate them if they are being a nuisance.

Use the word nuisance in a sentence?

1. They were getting on our nerves, and becoming somewhat of a nuisance.2. Where this approach fails we can serve a notice on the offending party requiring them to abate the nuisance.3. There is no set level at which noise becomes a statutory nuisance.nuisance neighbors - use them.4. Dogs left alone to bark for long periods may be a noise nuisance to people living nearby.Unfortunately, there is no fixed level of noise which constitutes a noise nuisance.5. Domestic burglary fell by 29 per cent, juvenile nuisance by 42 per cent and sexual offenses by 46 per cent.6. However, the section is broadly enough drafted to be used by councils anywhere to combat ordinary neighbor nuisance.7. The crying of Sunday newspapers had become an absolutely intolerable nuisance in the smaller streets of the boro.8. Often, these areas are blighted by youth nuisance or environmental problems or there may be a lack of social cohesion.9. There must also be an engineering solution readily available to mitigate the nuisance caused.10. If the alleged nuisance occurs late at night, visits by officers out of office hours can be made by prior arrangement.11. However, there are new fears about yobbish behavior, from graffiti to neighborhood nuisance.12. It utilizes sealed silos, transfer conveyor and mixing units to minimize environmental nuisance to the local residents.13. Over provision, undue public nuisance, a possible increase in noise levels and vandalism in the areas were argued by the objectors.14. It was a bloody nuisance - there was his flat, just a few yards away, and he couldn't get to it.I Hope I Helped ;)

What does the word 'nuisance' mean?

Well in America nuisance means like troublesome or can cause trouble. Ex: Babies are a nuisance when it comes to touching eletrical cords. or Joe was a troubled little boy, sure was a nuisance.

What is the law on a residence with blinking lights?

That would depend upon local zoning law and nuisance law. The zoning code (or building code) could restrict the use, color and size of lights used on the exterior of any building. The nuisance laws could restrict things your neighbors do that annoy everyone (public nuisance) or just you (private nuisance).

What is the plural for nuisance?

The plural form of the noun nuisance is nuisances.

Is nuisance an abstract noun?

Yes, nuisance is an abstract noun.