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How can you use slogan in a sentence?


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You could say "the company's slogan is................." or "the slogan of the company is a .............."

e.g World Wildlife orgnaisation uses a panda as it's slogan


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sleap countries SLOGAN is why buy a matress anywhere else

A slogan is supposed to be catchy.

WalMart's slogan is a pretty good one.

Lots of companies have an individual slogan.

My favorite old slogan is, "A little dab'll do ya!"

WikiAnswers is not going to do your homework for you. If you want 10 words, you will need to think up your own sentences. I will give you a hint. The word slogan means a motto or catch phrase that represents a group or person. One sentence might be "Our slogan is 'Work is Play!'"

The company I work for is looking for a new slogan to launch its new product range.

You should use Family Tree Photo and have slogan written on it

"Votes for women" was a common slogan used during the campaign for universal suffrage.

Jefferson did not use slogan. That would not have been proper

Sentence, expression, diction, slogan

a slogan is something that a mascot carries around to use for getting peoples attention.

a good slogan for scandium is if you got flat hair use Scandium.ggg

Slogan generators are relatively simple to use. Their main advantage is that they can take the work out of thinking, and can instead provide you with an appropriate slogan or inspiration towards the perfect slogan.

"If it's not in use, turn off the juice!" is an example of an energy-saving slogan.

The original Papa John's slogan was "The Perfect Pizza," it is no longer in use today.

I did a slogan for school: "Get promethium today-it's used in a nuclear battery! Once you buy some, you'll be sure to be BOMBED with flattery!"

a catchy slogan means when a restaurant or a business makes a sentence that everyone finds its funny or attractive, for example: in McDonald's the catchy slogan is: ''(the little song; doo-doo, doo-doo) I'm lovin' it.''

The slogan is God gave you freedom, so let the Libertaian Party let you use it!!!!

they used the slogan "basically people are evil" and the slogan "vote for nader beotch"

It was 1916, and I believe the slogan was, "He kept us out of war."

a slogan is a sentence that represents the company for example- nike- just do it or woolworths- the fresh food people -- ANSWER -- A slogan is a short memorable phrase - usually used in sales and politics. The word comes from Scots Gaelic where it means a battle-cry.

Before each work day starts, the manager and employees recites the corporation's slogan to help keep everyone motivated.The safety slogan to remind people to buckle their seat belts is, "Click it or ticket".

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