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Answer tape ideaIm not an expert, but check out this idea & expand on it.....Change your 8mm tape to standard vhs tape by using one of those "All in one transfer machines".It changes tapes, film, & cards to vhs tape & then watch on your vcr. Just a thought.
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Q: How can you view 8mm videotapes if your camcorder breaks?
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What is the best way to watch 8mm tapes without a camcorder?

Either use an 8mm projector to view them on the 'big screen' - or - get them converted to DVDs or VHS video.

Is there a special USB cable that can hook my old Sony 8mm camcorder to a laptop?

Unfortunately, there is no cable that digitally connect your computer to an 8mm camcorder.

How do you repair a 8mm camcorder?

There are various ways that an 8mm camcorder could end up being broken. To repair one you should consult a specialist.

Is HI-8 camcorder compatible with 8MM Tape?


Where can someone buy a Sony 8mm camcorder?

There are many places where a person can purchase a Sony 8mm camcorder. Stores like Best Buys, Sears, Walmart, Target, and Kmart all sell Sony 8mm camcorders.

Will this video cassette adapter allow me to watch 8MM tape?

Unfortunately, there are no adapters that will allow you to watch an 8MM tape on a VHS player. What you will need to look for is a camcorder that plays 8MM tapes; from there, you can easily hook up the camcorder to the television.

Can i Purchase blank 8mm camcorder cassettes in Europe?

Yes, but the recording will be in a different format incompatible with US 8mm players.

How do you convert 8mm tapes to DVD?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

How can you transfer 8mm movies to DVD?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

How do you convert 8mm tapes to AVI?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

How do you convert 8mm tapes to your computer hardrive?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

Have a sony L2 hi 8mm camcorder that recently started to exhibit a blueblack smudge?

Send it into a reputable camcorder service and have the capacitors changed. I have had two fixed this way.

8mm camcorder VS vhsc?

8mm cameras are great if you are wanting to record something with a classic feel. Otherwise I would suggest VHSC for higher quality and sound.

How do you copy 8mm or Super 8 movies to DVD?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

What equipment is needed to convert 8mm film to DVD?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

What are some examples of popular brands of a 8mm camcorder?

Some popular brands of 8mm camcorders include Sony, Rokinon, and Bower. You can purchase all of these products listed, as well as other 8mm camcorders, at the Best Buy website.

Do they make a 8mm machine to watch your video tapes?

no need, the camcorder is that machine cam(era) (re)corder...

Can you play digital 8mm tape on analog camcorder that records on 8mm or Hi8?

The question here reads, can you play a Digital 8mm tape on an analog camcorder. The answer to this is NO. An analogue Video8 or Hi8 camcorder will display nothing useful if playing a tape recorded with the Digital8 standard. Only a Digital8 camcorder can play a Digital8 recording. In many cases (but certainly not all) such a Digital8 camcorder will also play analogue Video8 and Hi8 tapes. Be aware that sometimes a person will have used a tape branded as Digital8 to make recordings with a Video8 or Hi8 camcorder, and in this case the recordings ARE analogue. Another option is to convert your 8mm tapes to digital or DVDs. There are a lot of 8mm video transfer services out there that can do this for cheap. StashSpace.Com is a good one, costs $6.95 per tape and they let you watch and edit online for free. Outside USA, try a Google search for "digital8 to DVD transfers UK" or similar.

How do you convert 8MM film to DVD or VHS. I want to do this myself at home.?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape

Is there an adaptor that can allow me to hook up my old 8mm camcorder to my computer?

Usualy they come with a USB cable to hook them right in.

Will a Sony ccd-f30 camcorder operate with Hi8 tapes as well as regular 8mm video tapes?

Hi8 should be backward-compatible with all cameras that use Video8.

Can you convert an 8mm tape to DVD without the camcorder?

Yes you can. Instead of using a camcorder, you can use an 8mm video deck as an alternative. The end result is the same, the camcorder or the tape deck will both play the tape and produce a real time signal at the output. Unfortunately, there is no other means to read the information on the tape. The question implies that the tapes are safe but the camera isn't available. If that is the case, using a deck is an option: Many video rental companies have older equipment around and although there is no use for an 8mm camera these days, some may well have players to offer exactly this kind of service. Another alternative is to enquire at local video service companies. There are many who offer VHS to DVD services and there is a good chance that a local one will have 8mm facilities as well.

If you have an 8 mm camcorder can you buy software to make home videos on your computer from 8 mm tapes?

You need video editing software and a way to get the images into the computer. As an 8mm camcorder has only an RCA Composite output, this will require you to have a comparable input on your computer. You use the camcorder to play the tapes and input them into the computer. It will be necessary to purchase and install a composite video input card.

How can you watch 8mm tapes if your 8mm player is broken?

8mm tapes can only be viewed with the aid of an 8mm player. One's best bet to watch 8mm tapes in this case is to purchase another 8mm player that is not broken.

How do you convert 8MM film to DVD?

There are 3 ways to convert 8mm film to DVD here is a brilliant link which show's the pro's cons of below 1. Cheapest - Project the film against a wall and camcorder off. Then connect the camcorder to a PC. Then get the PC to burn a DVD 2. Most Expensive: Send your film to a Telecine company 3. Best send your film to a Cine to DVD transfer company