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Why does your boyfriend still call you?

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

How do i tell my boyfriend how much i want him?

Discuss your common likes and dislikes. Tell him your honest feelings.

What should you do when a girl says she likes you a lot but likes her boyfriend too?

Wait for her to decide if she likes you or her boyfriend she is obviosly feeling conflicted between her feelings for you and ger boyfriend, it is important that you do not pressure her into deciding tell her you understand what shes feeling and that what ever choice she makes is ment to be.

What What does it mean to dream of your ex boyfriend still likes you and you have a boyfriend?

You are dreaming about your ex boyfriend because you still have mixed feelings about him and no one likes to lose in love. It's a dream and your ex has not come back so be thankful you have the boyfriend you do and move on with your life. There is no 'sign' in your dream that your boyfriend still likes you or will come back into your life. If it were true he'd already be there with you.

What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

What if you like a guy but he likes your friend who has a boyfriend?

tell him to find someone who likes him and who isn't taken. be there for him and be a great friend he just might develop feelings for you instead! :)

What will you do if you have a boyfriend but you like a boy who likes you also?

You just have to be honest with your boyfriend and let him know that you just don't feel the same any more, and also tell him that you have got feelings for someone else who also likes you back, and tell him that you don't feel that the relationship will work if you are experiencing feelings for another boy. :)

What if your boyfriend pulls you by your arms very hard and kisses you?

That means his feelings are true for you, and he either really likes you or really loves you!

What do you do if you like a girl and she likes you to but she has a boyfriend she likes to?

Then she has to choose you or her boyfriend.

How does a 13 year old get a boyfriend?

You don't "get" a boyfriend. Boys are not like a pair of shoes that you pick out, but they are people who have thoughts and feelings. Instead do what you like to do and eventually you will meet someone who likes you and who you like. This person may become a "boyfriend."

Will your boyfriend fancy you?

If he is straight then yes he probably will. If he is cheating on u he still likes u but likes whoever better. If he is gay he probably has no feelings for you as a "girl" but might be using you to cover his sexuality! But usually if he asked you out then of course he likes you!

What do you do if someone likes you but at the same time they like someone else?

This is precisely the situation I have found myself in today, and I have come to the conclusion that although it hurts, I cannot stop my boyfriend from having feelings for someone else. But he also has feelings for me, and these are the feelings which count.

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend still wears the chain you brought him?

This could indicate that he still has feelings for you, or simply, he really likes the chain. If you think he still likes you, talk to him about it, or if you are afraid to, ask your friends or his friends if they think that he still likes you.

What if another girl likes your boyfriend and he likes her back?

tell him, What are you doing with her! I thought you were my boyfriend!

What if you meet a man online and you both know have feelings for each others and then couple months when you asked him if he still likes you he get irritated why is that?

Maybe he's making it to obvious that he likes you, and was flabbergasted when you asked him that.

Does blossomfall love toadstep?

i don't think she loves him but it is hinted in Fading Ouches that she likes him. And Ivypool also likes him

What should you do if someone likes your boyfriend?

Ignore it depending on the extent of their feelings. However if they are more than willing to act off them I would nicely and calmly remind them that he is your boyfriend. Actions vary depending on the circumstances...

How do you find out if a 13-year-old girl with a boyfriend likes you?

if it seems to you that she is even slightly interested foget your feelings. she obviously likes the guy SHE IS ACTUALLY DATING more. so back of of her.

What do you do if you like a guy but you have a boyfriend and he likes you a lot and you don't want to hurt his feelings?

you should not stay with someone just to "not hurt them"they will be o.k.,just be honest.

What if your ex-boyfriend likes your best friend What do you do?

If you still have feelings for him you can't do much but talk with your best friend. If she is a good friend then she will not began a relationship with him.

What do you do when you like someone when you have a boyfriend?

find out if that person likes you back, if they do figure out if you like that person more than your boyfriend, and tell your boyfriend that your having feelings for somebody else........................ya i no that sounds kinda like adult but its just what cam out.......hope that helps!!! (:

If a guy told you awhile ago he likes you and a few months ago he says he thinks its a crush but is messing around with you a lot is he trying to hide his feelings from you or what?

Definitely trying to hide his feelings from you, It is a typical thing that people do to hide their tue feelings.

What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

What do you do if your friends boyfriend likes someone else and your friend really likes the guy and you know who your friend's boyfriend likes?

tell your friend

What should you get your boyfriend of five months for Christmas?

Ask him what he likes. I have had this same problem. But dont make it obvious that your asking him what he wants for christmas. Such as What's your favorite band? if you know something that he likes, then get him that.