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pick a friend or an adult that means a lot to you and think of something they said that helped you, it could be help on something small or something more important, what ever your teacher says. you would start your essay with and intro, some good ideas are to start with a question like "have you ever had a friend help you" or a quote or a statistic like " 500 kids make bad choices a week because no one told them it was wrong (i don't know if that is true, it just an example)" then after your question or whatever explain what you will be talking about in your essay, a good idea would be to state 3 things that your friend or parent helped you on and talk about one thing per paragraph, then your conclusion will be your last paragraph, just restate a few things from your intro and say what you learned or something, hope this helps

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Q: How can you write a 5 paragraph essay about someone that is a friend or a parent that was helpful in life give you a example?
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