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Noah's ark sailed underneath the rainbow arc

The huge arc that spread across the sky was rainbow like the ark

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Q: How can you write a sentence with arc and ark?
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What is the homophone of an ark?


What is the homonym for arc?

The homophone is ark.

What is the homophone for arc?

arc homophone is ark

Why do some people spell Joan of Ark Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc is the correct spelling, not Joan of Ark.

What is the arc in the synagogue?

Perhaps you're referring to the 'ark'. The ark is where the Torah scrolls are stored.

Where is norah's arc?

The myth of Noahs Ark says it landed on Mt Arrarat.

What does arc stand for in the movie Evan almighty?

Act of Random Kindness. ARK

Is zaraki kenpachi going to be in the new arc of bleach?

Most likely Kenpachi Zaraki will be in the next ark of Bleach. I see no reason for him not to be because he was in every other arc besdes the very first arc.

Noah's Ark was made of what wood?

Noahs arc was made of Cyprees wood.

How do you find the ark in circles?

it is more accurately called the "arc" the arc in circles are measure by the radius and the angle of projection. the formula is... s=r(angle) s is the arc length r is the radius length angle is the angle that the entire arc length makes

Who built the arc?

Noah built the ark in Genesis 6:14. It's known as "Noah's Ark" If you are referring to the 'Ark of the Covenant' built in Moses' time, then this was built by Bezaleel the son of Uri. This is mentioned in Exodus 31:1-11.

How was Joan of ark killed?

Joan of Arc was sent to the stake at the Old Marketplace of Rouen on May 30, 1431.