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How can you write ten in Roman?


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The Roman numeral for ten is X

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I is one, V is five, X is ten, so XXX is thirty....

40 would usually be written as XL (fifty minus ten)

That would be MMXIII. M is one thousand, so you write two of them. X is ten, and I is one so you write three of them.

Ten is represented by an X and five by a V. The correct notation would be XVIII.

Not a proper Roman numeral. D is 500. X is ten It could be 510. Or it could be in improper attempt to write 490 (which would be CDXC).

In the Roman army there were eight men in a "contubernium". In the late empire there were ten.

Improved Answer:-In today's notation of Roman numerals 1978 = MCMLXXVIII, therefore ten symbols of six types are needed.

The Roman Numeral system is considered a base ten system.

There are three ways you can write the number 10. You can use X, as in Roman numerals, ten, or 10.

romanImproved answer:X = 10

Ten-Thousand Two-Hundred and Sixty, XCCLX in Roman Numerals.Improved Answer:-10260 in Roman numerals is (X)CCLX which means 1000*10+260 = 10260

Improved Answer:-It is: (X)LIII which means 1000*10+50+3 = 10,053

You write 1533 in roman numerals like this: MDXXXIII

You write 151 in Roman numerals as CLI

Converting between Arabic and Roman Numbers is done as : numeral number of 20 is : XX

It means write the next ten numbers that come after this.

ten billion is 10,000,000,000 .

I = one V= five X= ten L= 50 C= 100 D= 500 M= 1000

the way you write 1000 in roman numerals is M

MMX__________In ordinary writing you would not use Roman numerals. It would be written: Two thousand ten. Some may say two thousand andten, but 'and' is unnecessary, and sounds redundant to some.

Like so: ten million.I would write 10,000,000 as ten million.

How do you write the decimal numeral for ten and two tenths

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