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How can your browser history in AOL be checked?


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I don't know,I don't have that operating system!


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It might be due to an extension of the browser. Some extension of AOL might be installed on the system.

AOL is a service which provides content and a forum to interact with other AOL members, as well as access email and the rest of the internet though its own web browser. So AOL does have a web browser, but that's only a part of what AOL is. AOL has evolved to be a content provider, now. See related Wikipedia article.

No, netscape is not a microsoft's browser, it is a browser of netscape communication. Their parent company is AOL

Your AOL Internet browser must have 128-bit encryption. /personal/onlineBankingFAQ.aspx

AOL has applications, such as their browser and email client. They are also an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

goto tools and internet options then look at your home page change it to AOL

No, Chrome is not a Netscape browser. Netscape was developed by AOL wile Chrome is a product of Google.

You can check the browser history only if you have access to their browser. You need to go to browser tab to view the history.

The browser history is not common to a computer. It is browser specific and can be deleted in browser only.

You can delete browser history on any phone by going to browser. The history is browser specific on each device.

You can easily remove your browser history on your phone. It can be done by clearing all history in the history tab in browser.

You cannot access deleted browser history. The history is stored in browser and if deleted cannot be viewed.

internet explorer, mozzarilla Firefox, Google chrome ,aol ,ect

You can view browser history from another logon also. It is shown if you have the same browser.

If deleted browser history is very difficult to re-obtain. It is because browser is the only place where the history is restored.

I have a strong feeling not, I have found no evidence that this can be done, lol at least my mum hasn't found it yet

yes a very bad one Yup. It works pretty good for me.

Gmail history can be deleted by deleting the history of browser. The history is not of gmail but browser. Gmail has no history of it's own.

Internet browser history can be viewed by date too. The browser history has many filters which are available in different browsers.

History of a browser can be seen in browser settings and then history. Control + H is a shortcut for opening history too.

A webpage is a page on a website but a web browser is something that displays websites eg internet explorer or AOL etc

You can print browser history by right clicking on the history page. A print option would be available there.

Go to your browser whose history is to be deleted. Then go to settings and delete the history from there.

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