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the closest star earth is cole to is the sun !

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No star is that close (or far) to us.

No. A star with no visible parallax is far away.

If it is close enough then it can be seen

i ise sun is a small or ordary star just very close to earth

The nearest star to earth other than the sun is 'Alpha Centauri' and it is 4.22 light years away.

it's because the sun is bright and yellow and it close to the earth and when it is night the sun becomes a star!!!!

Because it is a bright star and it is close to earth (or should I say CLOSER to earth than any other star). It is also very big and dense.

Because it is bright but more importantly, it is relatively close to Earth - a mere 8.6 light years from us, which is close in star terms.

It's about 4.2 light years away.

No. Stars are huge, much bigger than Earth. They only appear tiny because they are incredibly far away. If Earth were to come to close to a star, everything at the surface would be incinerated.

Venus is not always the closest planet to Earth, but no other planetcan come as close as Venus can.Venus is sometimes the 'Evening Star', and sometimes the 'Mornng Star'.

no because when its ready to reach earth it gets littler and litter and bout time it gets close to earth it turns into a meteorite

From what i have learned is when a shooting star falls to eatrh is when the star gets too close to earth the gravity pulls it and a what you call a star which is a metor on fire falls to earth and its suppose to be good luck. Hope I could help. :)

because sun is the only star that is close to earth

There haven't been any "newly discovered stars close to Earth" for over a century. That one is the nearest star to our Sun, a tiny red dwarf called Proxima Centauri, at 4.3 light years. Astronomers were astonished to discover that a star too dim to see with the naked eye could be the closest star!

No star is as close as 5.93 million miles. The closest star is the Sun which is on average 92,955,807 miles (almost 93 million).

We all were; aside from the Apollo astronauts (who traveled to the Moon when it was farther away from the Earth), nobody has been beyond low earth orbit. So that means that every person on Earth has been equally close to a star, our Sun.

Aside from our own Sun the next closest star is Proxima Centauri and is 4.243 light years away.

No. The North Star is a star named Polaris, which is always pretty close to being straight up from the North Pole. Saturn is a planet that orbits the Sun like the Earth does.

No. While a red dwarf star is quite dim compared to the sun. Viewed from up close, such a star would still be blindingly bright.

Proxima Centauri is the closest to Earth, at 4.243 LY. Alpha Centauri, its close neighbor, is 4.37 LY away from us.

Sun = star Earth = planet

Because it is bright but more importantly, it is relatively close to Earth - a mere 8.6 light years from us, which is close in star terms.

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