How come iPods are way much better than MP3 players?

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Because MP3 players cannot carry alot of features, play more songs like iPods and can't play any games. iPods has alot more features than MP3 players. iPods are more expensive than MP3 players.

Ipods ARE a type of MP3 player.
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Which is the better MP3 player - the iPod or the Network Walkman - and what are the differences between the two?

Answer . ipods have a hard drive!!! and ive heard nothing too good about the net walkman. i have a sandisk 512 flashplayer and an iriver 1gb flash. the iriver rocks. tons of features and the battery goes forever. i use rechargable energizers in both. abour 30 to 40 hours on one AA in the iriver a ( Full Answer )

Is the iPod or Iriver H10 a better 20 GB MP3 player?

The iPod would cost almost $600 and the iriver only cost $400. They both do the same thing. The Iriver has incredible sound as well as wonderful storage and clear pictures. The iPod mini was also $400 but did not have a colour screen or could not hold any pictures. I think the Iriver is a better buy ( Full Answer )

Whats the difference between an iPod and a mp3 player also which is better?

Mp3 is a file format, a way to pack sound so that it takes less place in a computer memory. there are other formats that do basically the same thing. Ipods are manufactured by a company called Apple, and they can play Mp3 files. Any other gadget that does about the same but is from another manufactu ( Full Answer )

Are ipods better than mp3 player?

An iPod is an mp3 player, as it plays mp3 files.. Answer . Many of Apple's iPod MP3 players have advantages over the lower-end MP3 players. The 30GB and 80GB models can store and display thousands of photos and even full-length movies. But there are other MP3 players that now do the same thing.. ( Full Answer )

Is an iPod an MP3 player?

iPod is the brand name of MP3 players manufactured by Apple®. There are several other brands of MP3 players, including Archos, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, and Zune. The current iPod models are classic, nano, shuffle and touch. Each iPod has different functionality and storage capacities. The main dif ( Full Answer )

Is Apple iPod an mp3 player?

Answer to Apple iPod being an mp3 player . Yes an Apple iPod is an mp3 player. The reason why it is an mp3 player is because it plays music on it and it is a hand-held devise.. I don't know if this is the right answer because I am only 13 years old.. Answer . YES THE IPOD IS AN MP3 PLAYER.. ( Full Answer )

What do MP3 players do that iPods can't?

(The Apple iPod is, of course, also an MP3 player; that is, it plays music that has been converted into the compressed file type named MP3.). Many non-Apple MP3 players contain features not found in iPods to date, such as: - voice recording - FM radio - player-to-player communication - play ( Full Answer )

Is an Ipod better than a mp3 player?

An mp3 player is better by along shot. First of all, mp3 players are cheaper than ipods. Second, you have to pay one dollar a song on an ipod. A mp3 player's songs are all free.

Is an ipod better than an mp3 player?

YES!!!! it's alot better because it holds more songs, can hold music videos and it has a color screen. I would say it's much better!

What is better ipod nano or the best mp3 player?

the ipod nano deffenetly because if you get the new one it will sort all your songs and it plays videos. yes, the i happen to have the new ipod nano, and i have had absolutely NO regrets in buying it. i like all the awesome features it has- the shake-shuffle, playing videos, sorting your music, and ( Full Answer )

Which is better an ipod or an mp3 player?

An iPod is a LOT of money, none are under 100 bucks. If you go to you can find mp3 and mp4 players for under 50 dollars and they can take pictures, video, any GB you want, any color you want, etc. etc. so, I would have to say MP3/MP4 players are a TON better.

Is MP3 better than CD?

Define 'better' ;) Audio CDs store music (or speech, etc) as a WAV file. MP3 is a 'lossy' compression method, it reduces the size of the WAV file by data compression, and reduces the filesize by discarding data. You can always rip audio WAV files to MP3, but if you convert from MP3 to WAV t ( Full Answer )

What is better Ipod or MP3 Player?

An iPod is a LOT of money, none are under 100 bucks. If you go to you can find mp3 and mp4 players for under 50 dollars and they can take pictures, video, any GB you want, any color you want, etc. etc. so, I would have to say MP3/MP4 players are a TON better.

What is better an iPod and a mp3 player?

\nAn ipod is a very popular and high quality mp3 player.\nWhile mp3 players may be less expansive, you might not get the\nto notch quality of an ipod.

Are iPods or MP3 players better?

ipods are better because on mp3 players you have to buy a lot more stuff that does not come with the mp3 player. And the softwire can do bad things to your computer. My aunt got a mp3 player and she has spyware on her computer.So please get an ipod ipods r okay....but itunes there's so much diffi ( Full Answer )

What is better the mp3 player or iPod?

An iPod is a LOT of money, none are under 100 bucks. If you go to you can find mp3 and mp4 players for under 50 dollars and they can take pictures, video, any GB you want, any color you want, etc. etc. so, I would have to say MP3/MP4 players are a TON better.

What is the difference in an iPod and a mp3 player?

iPods are made by Apple, mp3/mp4 players, anyone can make them. (an ipod is an mp3 player, it is just called ipod when Apple makes it) Ipods have apps. Ipods are 100s of $$dollars$$ Mp3 players are better, they can take pictures and videos (some can) and are anywhere from between 20 dollars -100 ( Full Answer )

Are MP3 players the same as IPods?

Not exactly. An IPod is the Mp3 player that Apple makes. There are Mp3 players by other companies that are slightly less popular and often less expensive. And Also, mp3 players ONLY play mp3 files and sometimes mpg. Ipods are compatible with other files such as mp4...and so on. For example, if you w ( Full Answer )

Which mp3 player is better?

That depends on what kind of MP3 players you want. Greater storage space could store plenty of songs, pictures and videos, MP3 with FM tuner could let you enjoy music, etc. has a lot of MP3. Their price is low and the quality is good.

Is the iPod better than a Mp3 player?

I have a 8gb Sony NWZA818 I'll tell you a few things about them and then let you decide MP3 Players will usually only play music but will occasionally pick up some additional extras. My MP3 player has an extremelly good battery life of 30 hours and is very compact. One of the biggest pro's for MP ( Full Answer )

What is better an ipod touch or a touch screen mp3 player?

Definitely the iPod Touch by far. There are thousands of apps you can download, and you can even surf the internet and buy songs from your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is better, but the Polaroid Touch Screen MP3 is cheaper. iPod: 200 dollars. Polaroid: between 60 to 70 dollars.

Why is an ipod better than a mp3 player?

An iPod is an mp3 player! I wouldn't say it is better than all others but it does have alot of key features that make it my mp3 player of choice. *ipods a very reliable *apple has great customer support *the warranty *apple will replace for free on warranty *apple will fix after the warra ( Full Answer )

Is a iPod a MP3 player?

No mp3 players are much better because an iPod you can only download iTunes onto it, (which most are sold at stores) a mp3 player you can download any song you want by going to

What is the difference of an iPod and a mp3 player?

Absolutely nothing! An iPod is an MP3 player that has become so popular that it's practically a household name. By definition, an MP3 player is a unit that stores digital music files, which is exactly what an iPod does. Now the entire Apple lineup prefers to have their music in an AAC format, but wi ( Full Answer )

Is the iPod touch a good MP3 player?

Of course, its just like any other ipod but it has a touch screen and you can download apps and go on the internet.

Is MP3 better than iPod?

They are the same things but I have an iPod Touch and an mp3 player but I use the iPod much more because you can have APPS on it :)

Is an mp4 better than an mp3?

Yes, a MP4 is better than MP3. Reason for this is an MP3 file canonly hold audio while an MP4 can hold both audio and video. Thismeans MP3 is more limited and compressed than an MP4 file.

Is it a lie that MP3 players are better than iPods?

Yes it is a lie. How could MP3 players better than iPods? iPods are better because you can play games, get songs from for free and get more features. Do not believe than MP3 players are better, it's a lyre. That's not true.

Are MP3 players better than iPods or iPods are better than MP3 players?

iPods are better than MP3 players. i have both there both the same but i also have the 3g ipod touch it rocks btter than the ipod nano and especially the mp3 player. the ipod touch has internet and software, apps itunes and mp3 player doesn't have that

How come iPods are better than MP3 players?

Because iPods can hold lots of features, battery life last longer, play longer hours of videos, hold more songs and you can also play games.

How come MP3 are not better than iPods?

Because MP3 players cannot hold more features like iPods or more. iPods are the best because iPods can hold more features and more informations than MP3 players.

Are CD players better than MP3 players or MP3 players better than CD players?

In terms of audio quality, CD carries better quality than MP3 as it does not compress the audio data. MP3 files use compression techniques to reduce the file size by 50% up to 95% or even more. MP3 compression normally does a good job at compressing the files but the compression will always lose qua ( Full Answer )

Is the Sony walkman mp3 player better than an Ipod?

Both the sony walkman mp3 player and iPods have their advantages. The walkman is a little cheaper, and has longer battery life. The iPods are neater, have more memory, have flash memory, and have many extra uses. Overall, I would say the iPod is better.

Are mp3s better than cds?

Yes/No. If you were one to take music around a Mp3 player would be best. If you were to buy a CD it would be hard to run around with a CD player. But if you like to just hang around a home a CD will do just fine!

Why is the Coby MP3 Player better than the Ipod Nano?

Depending upon personal preference a Coby MP3 player might be more attractive than an iPod Nano. They both share many of the same features but the Coby MP3 player is significantly cheaper and uses Windows Media.

Which MP3 players are comparable to the iPod?

The Coby MP620-4GBLK has some fairly good reviews on Amazon. It has a rechargeable battery with a battery life of up to eight hours and 4 GB of memory which can allow storage of up to 1000 songs. It also offers the option to share your photos. The Coby MP827-8G does have a touchscreen and similar ca ( Full Answer )