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The server is to busy, because of there are fewer people on the same website. That causes the website to get backed up, which led to it running slow.

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What website gets the most traffic?

Google gets Highest Traffic on the internet world exact ratio is 80% and above..

Is verizon internet internet good?

Cost of an internet plan from Verizon would depend on what you would want on you package. The only way to determine the exact cost would be to contact them. Their website is and you would also benefit from calling a representative.

Why is internet unuseful?

The question is Why is internet useful? not why internet is unuseful. I cant find the exact answer if the internet is unuseful to you.

What are some items made of tellurium?

I don't really know the exact answer, but there is a really good website about every element in the periodic table. It is called it's great!

How can one learn more about Tesco Internet Phone?

One can learn more about Tesco Internet Phone by visiting the official Tesco website. There one can read details on the exact nature of the product and it's costs.

What is an exact website where a 16 year old can get an online job?

16 year olds can't really get any online jobs.

What is the purpose of the website La Opinion?

La OpinÌ_n is a newspaper for Spanish speaking Americans. The purpose of the website La OpiniÌ_n is to provide the newspaper over the internet. The online version is an exact copy of the print version.

Where is the Internet located?

There is no exact place. Every device with an Internet connection is a part of it.

How can internet for academic purpose be useful?

The internet is extremely useful for research and question asking (This exact website, for example) It can also be used to relieve stress by playing or chatting online, and less stress usually means it's easier to focus.

Search for RmKV website address?

Exact website address of rmkv showroom?

What is the exact website for Gmail?

MaildotGoogledotcom is the exact website for Gmail only. It is also redirected when you type gmaildotcom. Both mean one and the same thing.

What is the exact Tamil word for website?

INaiya Thalam !!

Is there a way to get a health insurance quote for the whole family?

A health insurance quote and be found on the internet by looking up the exact companys website. You can also call that company and request quotes and information.

Who develops a good E-Commerce website and provides better customer services. Can anybody suggest me?

For an E-Commerce Website creation, there is only one company that can serve you with your desired requirement that is XL Internet Marketing. They had created many other E-Commerce Website and their customers are well satisfied with their services. So, the only solution is XL Internet Marketing which can give you the exact service you want.

How many webpage are there?

Well, you can't really count the exact amount of webpages there are. There are countless ones. One website though is They have an approximate size of the web.

What is the website to sign up for britans got talent?

If you really want to go on britans got talent type in the search box britans got talent offical website to get the exact answer at the end of the program it has the website name i cant rember it though good luck on getting on

What does seach engine mean?

A search engine is a program that will instantaneously scan the internet for websites and other data that match the keywords that you are searching. If there is an exact match for a website that you are searching, that will come up first in your search.

How does a web address differ from a URL?

An URL is the exact internet address to find a particular page or document on it's host site. A web address is an address that takes you to a website, which might not be as specific as an URL.

How many downloads are there on the internet?

There are millions of downloads on the internet but an exact amount of downloads is not listed. If there are not already billions some day there will be.

What is the exact population of the Philippines as of year 2010?

As what I have researched in the internet (for our assignment in HeKasi 6) the exact population of the Philippines recently is 92 million...But I'm not really sure about this... To be sure, please just search to other websites or look for other answers...PROUD TO BE A LIDEan!! WHHOOHH!!

Is there a website where you can get fun hairstyles for your American girl doll?

there isn't really a website for this but their is a kit you can buy just for that look at this link it has all the info i know this cauz my little sis has this exact kit and she loves it!

Is there a website for worries?

Yes, but I don't know the exact website address. Heard about it on my local news channel tonight.

Where does Justin Bieber really live exact?


What is the exact website to apply for a job at best buy?

your moms ;)

How does a phisher acquire persnol information from Internet users?

A phisher makes an exact duplicate of the site in which the victim has account. When the victim logs in, thinking he's logging in the original website, the login details get to the phisher. The phisher obtains that information and logs in the original website and takes over the victim's account.

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