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Q: How come that there arn't any saber tiger anymore?
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Does Webkinz sell a plush animal called a saber-toothed tiger?

no. that is an animal that does not come in plush. but you can buy it at the ganz estore.

Did saber-toothed tiger babies have teeth?

Like all mammals, baby saber toothed cats were born without teeth. As they grew, their teeth would begin to come in. Meanwhile, they would be nourished by their mother's milk.

Where do saber-toothed tiger come from?

They came from Asia and Europe then later on some scientists found remains in the La Brea tat pits in California.

Did tiger come from the saber-toothed tiger?

It is more likely that they had a common ancestor. The modern tiger has a more general feline dentition and skull structure than the sabretooth. It rarely happens that a specialized dentition pattern returns to a general pattern in descendants.

Is a saber-toothed tiger a mammal?

yes the saber toothed cat is a decendant of the miacid which was a small fury mammal that lived 60 million years ago. all mammals such as tigers, lions, dogs, even monkeys are thought of all to come from the miacid. sooo basically yes, the saber toothed cat is a mammal, or was a mammal anyway until it became extinct =]]

What anilmal does the ewhite tiger come from?

a tiger

How do you tell someone they are not invited?

Just come out and tell them that they arnt invited. But kinda lie about it. Say that there isn't enough room or you lost some of the tickets and you arnt able to cover for them.

How can a tiger know if there is another tiger in its area?

a tiger can at once come to know if there is another tiger in its area by the the smell of its urine.

Will saber-toothed tigers come back again?

Not unless we can reconstruct their genes.

How does saber-toothed tigers help power cars?

first thing is first, that tiger could not power cars. This animal was way extinct before any car had come out. so you should stop asking stupid questions

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What family did the saber-toothed cat come from?

Saber toothed cats belonged to the family Felidae. Felidae includes all modern cats. However, saber toothed cats made up their own subfamily in Felidae, called Machairodontinae.

How did the saber-toothed tiger come extinct?

All of their prey (large mammals) had vanished and had been replaced by smaller faster mammals like deer. The saber tooth cats were specialised in bringing down large animals and were not long distance runners so they found it very hard to catch the fast prey. They could not get enough food and became extinct :)

What part of the tiger does the baby tiger come out at?

The same area a baby human comes out of.

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The mating of a lion and a tiger.

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