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The reason is that some painters (C Monet for instance) chose to paint that way.

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Did Impressionism or Post-Impressionism come first?

Of course Impressionism, since Post-Impressionism means after Impressionism.

Was Post Impressionism a new movement or was it a continuation of Impressionism with a change of subject?

Post Impressionism can be seen as a extension of Impressionism, but disregarding many of the limitations and certain concepts of Impressionism.

What is the difference post impressionism and Impressionism?

The Difference The Difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism ... Post-Impressionismreveals A freely expressive use color and form to describe emotions or movement.between Impressionism and Post Impressionism ... Post-Impressionism reveals A freely expressive use color and form to describe emotions or movement.

Who started post-impressionism?

"Post-Impressionism" is not a movement like Impressionism or Cubism. It is a term to denote painters who came just after Impressionism, mainly van Gogh and Gauguin.

What came after impressionism?

post impressionism?

What religion is impressionism?

Impressionism is not a religion.

Are Impressionism and Post-impressionism similar?

They are not. Post-impressionists reacted against Impressionism.

When did impressionism end?

impressionism ended in 1894

What are facts about impressionism?

5 facts impressionism

Line in Impressionism?

In Impressionism line is not important.

Why did van Gogh paint Post-Impressionism?

He painted what he felt. We call it Post-Impressionism.

When was the end of post-impressionism?

around 1905

Who started impressionism?

Édouard Manet started impressionism.

What art movement was Monet a part of?


Who discovered impressionism?

Claude Monet discovered impressionism

What was before post impressionism?

Impressionism. The syllable post- means after.

What art movements was Claude Monet associated with?

With Impressionism.

What is the artistic movement in 19th century France?

Realism Answer 2: Ah, come on! Impressionism was the big thing.

What Romanticism Neoclassicism Post-Impressionism Impressionism Realism in order from earliest to most recent?

Neoclassicism(1) Romanticism(2) Realism(3) Impressionism(4) Post-Impressionism(5)

When did impressionism begin?

Impressionism began during the 1870s by Claude Monet.

Where did post-impressionism start?

Post Impressionism started in France.

Who first introduced the style of impressionism?

Claude Monet is the father of Impressionism!

Did Picasso do impressionism?

No, Impressionism was on its way out before Picasso became a painter.

What are the differences between classic art and impressionism?

impressionism is the use of light and depics

Why did edvard munch not like impressionism?

Thousands and thousands of artists have disliked Impressionism.